Getting Back In The Groove

Today marks day 3 that we’ve actually gotten up and out for our 4 mile walks. Remember those? I figured I’d wait until today to mention it to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke on Monday. It’s so peaceful at that hour of the day, between 5:30 and 6:30 (this morning was 5-6) but it’s shocking how many cars are on the road, especially on the back roads; people from neighborhood developments leaving for work. What also makes me go hmm (thanks C&C Music Factory!) is how these vehicles handle street walkers. Hey! We walk in the street, even where there’s a sidewalk only because trees hang over and there could be spider webs. At least on the street where there’s the overhang of trees, cars go by and swipe away any possible webs. Of course we walk against oncoming traffic (one road we take is one-lane and the other two are wider and divided) and when cars see us, and we scoot over as close to the curb as possible without tripping, they still veer clear across to the other lane. Larger vehicles like pick ups and SUV’s, practically chase us off the road AND at as high a speed as they can get. But the point is, so far, we’ve got 12 miles under our belts this week.

My poppies look like they’re not gonna make it. I kind of thought that’s how it would go because it was super late in the season when I tried to replace the ones I had started in the little flat and they croaked when I brought them outside. I’ll try again next year.

And this just in…Teddy Kennedy, dead at 77.

I guess I have to mention it, Michael Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide. His doctor was pumping him full of stuff to treat him for insomnia so he’s sleep. Sleeeep. Now he’ll…. okay, that was wrong.

Also, the Miley Cyrus pole dancing thing.

                Singer Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the Teen Choice Awards 2009 held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on August 9, 2009 in Universal City, California.                          

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned it before but it’s still in the news so let me throw my two cents in. First of all, no matter what her daddy, Billy Ray might say, how it wasn’t so bad, that she loves entertaining people, she’s still a 16 year old girl and a role model for countless young teenage girls (and probably as many boys after that stunt). I think Billy Ray’s comments were most likely orchestrated, that if he’s not bothered by it, then the press would be more likely to leave them alone about it. And if that’s the case, then kudos to him.  And really, I could care less.  I’m not in her fan base and I don’t know anyone who is and if that’s what today’s kids are doing, well, then have at it. I’m just thinking from an old man’s point of view that it was inappropriate. Curiosity made me watch the video just now. I think I find the “singing” more offensive than the pole dancing.

Is there anything else today? No, I think that’s it. Have a great day.


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