Conversations and Observations

We spent a few hours in the city last night with a couple of friends. I quit work early to catch a train and met Ariel at our usual rendezvous spot in Newark, the Burger King just up from Penn Station and we drove into the city.

Getting to the train station was a bit hair-raising. The cab got here on time as they do and right away the driver swerved onto the street making what we call a Pennsylvania left. For those just joining in, let me quickly explain, a Pennsylvania left is a right hand turn and finding a safe spot to make a turnaround crossing over at least 2 lanes of traffic as opposed to 4 and then heading in the direction you wanted to go. So, he made the PL in a driveway across the highway, not even at a side street and then backed into the highway and got us on our way and at times I swear we were airborne while I could hear over the wind noise through the open windows the driver humming what sounded like an Indian chant.

At the station while I sipped my piping hot Dunkin Donut coffee, I commented to myself of the southbound platform that it was like they were waiting for the (I can’t say handicapped–it’s not politically correct) train. Someone was in a wheelchair with his legs fully extended to the footrest, someone was walking with leg braces, one a cane and one with a pronounced limp. Yikes! On my platform I overheard a guy of about 18 or 19 assuring someone on the listening end of his cellphone that he was currently making “anywhere between 7 and 8 dollars”. Not really a solid selling point if he was trying to negotiate a salary. His friend who was walking with him, apparently joined at the hip and also on his cellphone was talking sports scores. Once in Newark, at the foot of the driveway into the Burger King parking lot, which really doubles as an unofficial waiting area for people getting off the train, sat a woman in a wheelchair with no legs, just two stubs below the knees that she was flicking back and forth.

We parked closer to the restaurant we were going to than where we would normally park so we could avoid having to walk a gazillion blocks in the heat. Bar 89 was the name of the place. As we neared the place, I saw the banner to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex and I said, “Are you kidding me? That’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex?” Ariel: “I guess it is.” Me: “Not much pomp and circumstance.” Ariel: “It’s in a great spot.”–emphasis on great meaning prime area of the neighborhood. Me: “It is? Who’d ever find it?” Ariel: “Well, your standing in front of it.” And so I was.

Bar 89. Trendy and echo-y from the ultra high ceiling and its stark decor and very tasty food. I had to use the restroom and was so impressed with that whole experience I had to take a picture.

bar 89 bathroom


And not only that, but I found this short video of the bathrooms in action to show you.


After dinner we just tooled around the city for a while. I almost bought a chess set from a pawn shop. And then of course it began to rain. Not hard, but just enough to remind us that we were out and about having a fun time. I also got my answer on just how extremely urgent some people feel reaching out and touching someone can be. There was this woman, with her cellphone clamped between her ear and her shoulder, while wearing a bicycle helmet, getting into position on her bicylce. Did I find that odd? Not in NY, no. On the ride back to Jersey, we listened to selections from a special edition CD soundtrack of Wicked and that entertained us greatly.

So, my point is, no walk this morning, even though it wasn’t too late when we got in. Only about 11:30. After all, today is a school day and speaking of which, I gotta get ready to work. Later!


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  1. Mare Says:

    much too cool!!

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