Look, But Don’t Touch

Something happens in September. The weather abruptly changes and it is decidedly darker. It’s like a landlord was just waiting by the switch to turn everything off at the same time. Oh, by the way, walking update: we’re zero for three days so far this week.

I was heading out to the mailbox this morning, putting together some ideas to add to today’s blog and I remembered a certain trip we took to Illinois when our beagle was still alive and we took her with us (otherwise it would have been creepy) and we had her foldable crate tied to the roof rack of the Jeep Wrangler. We stopped along the way a few times to “rest” and let her do her thing and we’d be back on our way. At one point when we stopped, perhaps for gas, or maybe we made a wrong turn (a feat only we could pull off on a straight run in one direction on an Interstate) and, taking a walk around the Jeep, what did we see but the scissors we used to cut the cord holding down the dog crate still on the front bumper. Still hard to believe they didn’t go flying off somewhere between here and Ohio. We still have those scissors, by the way, but ironically, they always seem to be elsewhere when I need to use them. I guess the first place I should look is the front bumper on the truck.

We were walking through the city the other day, as you know, killing time between show and dinner and we passed a salon where manicures, pedicures, back and foot rubs were offered and Ariel asked if I wanted my feet rubbed. I said no. I hate having my feet touched. Well, I hate my feet, period. He said they didn’t have to touch my feet. And that reminded me of the time my uncle, when he used to work at my father’s gas station, had a customer who wanted him to check the oil. Seeing his greasy hands, the woman shouted, “Don’t touch the hood!”. Not to let that deter him, he leaned over, looked through the front grill and told her the oil was okay.

I was on my way back from the mailbox this morning and I learned why it’s not safe to carry scalding hot coffee–you could spill it. Not that I burned myself, but I ended up with only half a cup of coffee. Any number of things could cause such an upset; you’re not paying attention; you try to drink while you’re walking (that’s a bad one); you trip; anything really! Spilling any or all of your first cup of coffee in the morning is bad. Walking through a spider web ANYTIME is bad. Doing both at the same time provides a good early morning belly laugh. For some. I was getting out of the way while Ariel was heading up the driveway and I felt my coffee-carrying arm brush against what was obviously a spider web. I was next to a bush by the edge of the driveway, but not close enough to be “in” the bush and wondered how did I do that? I kept walking, getting out of the way as I instinctively brushed my other hand down my arm, saying something like “Eww!” The next thing I knew, I was fully into the web. It must have been stretched between that bush and a tree branch hanging over the driveway. I don’t know what he expected to catch in that thing, well, besides me. Well, hilarity ensued, as you could image, coffee flew everywhere while I did the spider web dance, with audibles that had to have included at least one “F” bomb.  The point is, now it’s destroyed and he’ll have to start all over again…hopefully elsewhere.

And here, take a look at this. Looks like the Rain Man came through one more time for the last camping trip of the season.


Bye, gotta run. I need another cup of coffee.

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One Response to “Look, But Don’t Touch”

  1. Jim Says:

    I hope you have a great weekend camping. I am headed out to Long Island for the weekend. I’m so glad that your forecast doesn’t show you know what! Have fun.

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