East Meets South

Okay, show of hands, who can believe it’s the 9th of  September? And, more importantly, who can believe we had a dry weekend at camp…AGAIN?! We really did. So, thanks again, Rain Man of the Midwest! Three glorious days in the mountains of Pennsylvania, attending party after party and then partying some more as we prepared to say so long to our friends for another season. Well, come March 1, 2010, the reservation phone line opens and you can rest assured, I’ll be dialing until my fingers are worn to a nub hoping to secure the weekends and site we want for next year.

Last month when we were there, it was a daddy long leg-apolooza. This weekend it was bees and it started from the time we stopped at the Stop & Shop to get  ice for the coolers until we were packed up and headed back for home Monday morning. They were everywhere.

We met a guy, JJ Nolis, a singer and architect, and we had a fairly in depth conversation about the comparisons of breaking into the music industry and the world of book publishing. After so many years of trying to get his name out into the public arena, he’s finally begun to release his own music and has a country music album available for download on iTunes called Ponyride. I can only hear the samples iTunes gives you on my own computer; for some reason when I download whole albums, I get only bits and pieces of them so I usually have to use the laptop for that. The album is also available for download on Amazon.com. JJ also will be having a video on Youtube in November and when it’s up, I plan on posting it here in my blog. He performed one of his songs over the weekend at camp in a talent show and the crowd in attendance was on its feet.

We tried an entirely different route on the way to camp on Friday to get us closer to where we had to be while still skirting the major Interstate because of the ongoing construction. The first alternate route took us too far west to come back east and someone had suggested another road that was closer to yet to the main highway. It eventually crosses the Interstate and continues to the east and north, but the roads we mapped out were beyond secondary or even tertiary–maybe more like quinary, rural back roads with newly assigned names instead of numbers and some of them were difficult to distinguish between roads and driveways to houses on sprawling parcels of farmland. It was a bit confusing, but the scenery was breathtaking. My only regret is that I didn’t have my camera. But coming home, I saw something for the umpteenth time and am only now remembering to write about it. In the tangle of roads we take to go back and forth, one of them is I-380. There’s an orange ‘alert’ sign that reads “I-380 East is now I-380 South”. Huh? Was there a landslide we never heard about? Did a bunch of little asphalt gnomes gather by the light of a February Snow Moon and huff and puff until they successfully pushed the road to the side?

My teeth are in. I got the call yesterday afternoon and I have an appointment for tomorrow. From what I remember (it’s been so long) depending on how they fit he will make any necessary adjustments for bite and comfort and then lightly cement them in. Once my gums have developed around them as natural looking as possible, he will have them sent out for the final glazing and when that’s done, slap them back in with the heavy duty cement and I’ll be all finished with this ordeal. And then I guess it will start all over again, getting used to a new set of teeth and a new way of eating and not having to be cautious of biting through even a slice of buttered toast.


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One Response to “East Meets South”

  1. Dave Says:

    Met JJ Nolis myself, a year later, over Labor Day weekend 2010, camping in the PA endless mountains. I am listening to “Pony Ride” as I type and can’t wait for his new album, “The Rain Project” to come out later this month. He sang the title song “Rain” to the group and again brought a standing ovation (and tears to some eyes). He is someone to watch, and I wish him success in all endeavors.

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