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There is supposed to be a video attached to this blog, but it’s not posting properly. I must not have the hang of this new blog page yet; the way I used to post videos isn’t working this time, but with some quick and rather appropriate thinking you can click here and see the video.   




I love Ellen, I’ve been a fan for, well, since I can remember, but my initial thought was, oh no, this could never work, she can be too much of a clown like when she has a guest on her show to exhibit some skill or other, such as chef demonstrating his best dish or an etiquette expert giving advice and how silly she sometimes acts. But then I thought, that’s her character on her show. Then there’s the compassionate side of Ellen, who loves to help people in hard times and the Ellen who loves music and who loves to dance and who loves cheese pizza and my mind was instantly changed. Then I watched video announcement, which will probably air on today’s show. Now I’m looking forward to seeing her in action, I think she’ll be a fresh new face on the judging panel and she will, most likely, inject some of her trademark silliness into the show, but at least she’s grounded and not floating around in some ether-world. And really, could her comments be any less useful than “First of all, you look beautiful” or “Dawg, for me…(insert a parroted comment of another judge)”? Now if only she could have replaced Kara DioGuardi and her ‘I smell something bad in the garbage’ expression when she over postulates about a contestant’s “you blew me away” singing “chops”.

McDonald’s, meanwhile, lost an 8-year court battle against a Malaysian restaurant, McCurry, to keep them from using the prefix ‘Mc’. In 2006, McDonald’s, who currently has 185 outlets in Malaysia, had won the suit in a High Court ruling. McCurry took the case to the Court of Appeal and won and McDonald’s retaliated with a counter-suit in the Federal Court which dismissed the application and now McCurry’s owner, P. Suppiah can go ahead with his plans to open new branches.

Now, as long as McCurry doesn’t get wind of my Monday morning feature, I should be A-okay!


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