Shaking Things Up

Thanks to those of you who read my blog yesterday for the great feedback you gave me, either here, or from the Guiding Light Facebook fan page. I am going to post that same blog again today on Facebook so hopefully another batch of people will see it. One of my Facebook friends, Jennie, forwarded the blog to CBS and when I realized she had done that, I thought I had better do the same thing. I tried to get to Proctor & Gamble, but that’s virtually impossible. I did find (and I posted) through my network of phone calls a number to the Guiding Light Hotline where you can call and voice your opinions, thoughts, suggestions and just get your anger off your chest. I called and since they don’t have the means to accept any communication other than by way of telephone, I basically read yesterday’s blog to the woman on the other end of the phone. The phone number to call is 1-866-695-1859. It’s inconceivable to let this patch, out of the fabric of Americana, die away. 72 years…

On to my next issue. As of 8pm tonight, a $29 million (stimulus money) reconstruction..sorry, rehabilitation… job on Interstate 287 will begin between exits 5 and 12 and is expected to last until the fall of 2011. Lucky for us, they’ll be working at night, to alleviate traffic tie ups. But what perplexes me (there’s that word again) is that the reconstruction job (if I have my facts straight it was at a cost of $40 million) they began in 2007 which, at times, had north and southbound lanes intersecting each other, is scheduled to be complete this coming November. And the kicker is, it ‘s the same stretch of the highway. Well, I have an email out to the NJ-DOT as of this morning asking why yet another recon….rehabilitation job.

Okay, so now for a little fun. I saw this video the other day on the Ellen Degeneres show and laughed until I cried. Then yesterday, she gifted each audience member with one of these items and presented it by having a display stand wheeled out from backstage with both women and men using it. If your imagination takes you to “wrong” levels when you watch the video, just imagine where your mind will soar watching the men on that platform during the product demonstration.


I don’t know, but I have a hunch, you can even use it while wearing your zebra or leopard print Snuggie.

And lastly, last night we lost another two celebrities (and Ariel and I lost points to Bobby); Mary Travers (she left on a jet plane) and Henry Gibson (who finally got the flying fickle finger of fate).

And that’s really all I got for you today. Have a nice day.


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