A Little Egg, A Big Smile

Before I get things rolling this morning, I’m afraid I have to wipe egg off my face. In my rush to shove a bite of my omelette into my mouth this morning, while it was loosely dangling from my fork, I inadvertently missed. It was a good one, too. Simple, but good. Crumbled bacon bits and cheddar. And in my haste to condemn the latest “rehabilitation” plan for I-287 yesterday, I realized this morning that I believe I was wrong about the actual section they’re working on now. Yes, perhaps there will be some overlapping in the exit 5 (or so) area, but the construction I was lathering up about yesterday is an entirely new project.

And that puts the kibosh on the rant I wanted to initiate today. It’s the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Floyd which devastated Bound Brook, NJ, just one town north of where I am, and approval of the federal stimulus money ($13 million of the original $787 billion, President Obama instituted) for the final stage of the flood wall and levee project was only just approved, also out of the stimulus package the funds for the I-287 work is coming from. I wanted to compare the importance between the two and ask why it’s taking this long to safeguard Bound Brook for the future, but now with the highway thing being a new project, it just blew my rant out of the water. Damn it!

And then there’s NJ Senator, Barbara Buono, who wants a TOTAL ban on cigarette smoking in parks and all sections of all beaches in NJ. She doesn’t like to jog in the park and breathe in cigarette smoke. How much cigarette smoke is there in the air while you’re jogging? Does it come after you like the aroma of a rabbit stew in a Bugs Bunny cartoon? I don’t know, I think the initial ban on cigarette smoke was just the start, chipping away slowly at our rights. Of course, smoking is a dirty and health endangering habit, but it’s not illegal, and with all the education out there about the ill-effects, it should still be up to the individual whether to do it or not. Watch out, before you know it, you’ll be ticketed for smoking in your own car and then in your own home.  Well, at least, for now, we can still order runny eggs in a restaurant.

Okay, so, one more mention about Guiding Light. Today is the last show. I’ve been debating whether to watch it live, sort of ceremoniously, or wait until later, when I’m through with work for the day and can relax in my red chair, armed with a box of Kleenex, as opposed to getting my work all soggy. You know I’ll be shedding a tear. Here’s a link to an interview with Kim Zimmer, who plays Reva Shayne Lewis.

Is it true that next Tuesday is the first day of autumn? Was it always in September? I’m perplexed. Why am I drawing a blank on this?

Alright, let’s close the week on a high note, or two. The first has GOT to be the quote of the week:



And this has GOT to be the feel good moment of the week.

The little girl’s innocent action is gasp-evoking and the father’s reaction is just priceless. The Phillies, however, graciously replaced the ball, but this moment is a classic, one for the books.

Now, the sooner I get started working, the sooner my weekend can start, so I’ll see you all next week.

GuidingLightWhiteLogoKeep the light burning!


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