In The Eye Of The Beholder

Okay, so we all know what Kanye West did at the Video Music Awards was a sh!tty thing to do and he’s a big fat turd for doing it, but Ariel raised a question the other night which kind of gave me pause, turning the tables in a way that I might in a certain situation.

Suppose someone got up and interrupted an acceptance speech claiming, say, Bette Midler had the best video of all time, how would I feel? Honestly, my first impulse was to say, go speech interrupter, and that’s only because I’m such a fan of Bette Midler. In that respect, there was probably a contingent of Kanye/Beyoncé fans who were secretly (or outwardly for that matter) going, Go Kanye! But my allowance that this could be the case is no way accepting what he did was okay and really, it would not be okay for someone to interrupt another in favor of Bette Midler, though, I must honestly say, I’d be secretly siding with that person. And for the record, I’d consider myself more a fan of Beyoncé than of Taylor Swift, but not as much of Beyoncé as of Bette Midler.

To that end, with a slightly different angle, we saw the movie “The Informant” this weekend. I was a little disappointed because the clips they show on television are all these hilarious things that would make one think this was going to be a spoofing comedy along the lines of “Airplane” and the like. Well, it wasn’t. It was based on a true story of a corporate embezzler who ended up getting caught and the main character was played by Matt Damon. It had some comedic moments, but not a side-splitter by any sense of the word. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Matt Damon movie before and for me, it was just so-so a movie. Hold on, I’m getting to my point. A year or so ago, or whenever it was, when the movie “Zodiac” came out with Robert Downey, Jr., I saw it and even though he wasn’t in it that much, and I walked away with the same feeling of gratification (neither loved the movie or hated it) I remember feeling like “Zodiac” wasn’t so much a burden to watch. Not that “The Informant” was a burden, but it just seemed like it was rolling along at an unwavering keel, like any other biography.

So, where was I going with all this? I’m not even sure. Maybe here… I’m saying that everything is relative. For instance, the song I like on the radio ranks at number 94 and not number 1, the song the rest of the world likes. The dress a designer creates on Project Runway that I think is a knockout, the judges hate and vice versa. The way someone on So You Think You Can Dance pleases me beyond measure and the judges rip them to shreds because a foot wasn’t pointed in the right direction, the play I hated, the critics all raved about. Everything is relative…except that Kanye thing. Oh, and Miley Cyrus? A diva? Really?

And if that’s not perplexing enough, now you have to worry about mycobacterium avium. You know, the micro-organisms that grow inside your showerhead and come charging at you while you think you’re getting clean under a nice hot shower. Think again! These disease-causing little buggers can really do a number on a person whose immune systems are already compromised causing symptoms similar to TB which include fever, fatigue and weight loss. And the recent findings that these bacteria collect and grow in showerheads and can be easily aerosolized and inhaled. So clean and disinfect your showerheads or change them at least once a year. Coincidentally, I’ve been considering a new showerhead recently but purely for aesthetic purposes. Perhaps I better step up my considerations.

Well, it’s Monday, and you know what that means. Oh, and I think McGinty has something of a special announcement to make.



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