Good news. My new teeth are in. And they are in my mouth as of about 12:15 yesterday afternoon. However, they’re not cemented in, not yet. Dr. Bob wants them to achieve the perfect fit and bite by my working them into place by eating as close to normally as I can (still without chomping into super tough foods–a ham sandwich is fine) and biting down occasionally on the chew toy he gave me, a piece of hard rubber tubing. I actually ate an egg sandwich when I got home yesterday without having to cut it into bite-size pieces and it felt great to be able to do that. With any luck, providing they can get as high up into the gums as they need to be, tomorrow will be cement day!

You would think that would be reason enough to celebrate with a drink from the Bull Ball Bag Bottle. We got a mail-order catalog yesterday and in it, for a mere $49.95, was a decanter wrapped in real bull scrotum, trimmed in simulated leather. Simulated? Too bad, and I was this close… I’ll have to drink straight from the box, I guess.

No, honestly, to celebrate, I’d rather shower under the Moen Digital showerhead, the one I can program with just a touch of button, kind of like standing there and turning a knob (if I felt like being archaic) but easier–no need to exert all that energy with that pesky twist of the wrist. I love how, in the video, this guy is standing in front of the shower, remote in hand, at arm’s length away from the control pad, which can be pre-programmed for up to four users, increasing the water temperature. The biggest selling point of all is that you can set the shower from a remote location, like from your bed, so all you have to do is walk into the shower. Why hasn’t someone come up with a digital way of walking yet? That’s too much energy first thing in the morning. And if I know me, I’d probably fall back asleep, pretty much the way I’ve been doing and not getting out for my daily 4-mile walks ever since I mentioned it here a few weeks ago when I was so proud of our three day in a row stint, and with the sluggishness of my shower drain, I’d be flooded out in no time. But if I could also remote control someone to scrub my back for me, then maybe it would be worth it. Get on that, Moen!


I hope this blog gets past the censors at my niece’s job. Something I said on the old page I used to have (which can be accessed above under the “older posts” tab under PAGES) in reference to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, got filtered due to inappropriate content and I’m wondering if my decanter reference will make it through. It’s just a jumble of words really. I told her to give the new page a shot last night when she called to remind us Macy Gray was on “Dancing With The Stars” and we were getting to it on the DVR, the Tivo-lite.  And wasn’t La Gray just a train wreck in the making? And what was she on? And surprise of the night was Kelly Osborne. I had a feeling she’d be the upset and from what she showed last night, she has the potential to go very far in the competition.

And lastly for today, a Springfield, Mass mail processing worker pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing over 3,000 Netflix DVD’s at a value of about $36,471 his plea carries a maximum of 5 years in prison. And I thought I had problems with half my mail arriving all mangled and sometimes half open. But at least all my Netflix returns make it back to the processing center as evidenced by the confirmation emails.

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One Response to “Smile!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hooray!!! I can see it!!! Oh man, I cracked UP about the shower remote. But, I guess if you think about it … having a remote for your shower could save you SECONDS in the morning. No more turning on faucets!!! And no more wasted time wondering – hm, is it clockwise or counter-clockwise to make it hotter or colder? Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? I have been wasting my life away with showers the old-fashioned way!

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