It’s Monday, Too Soon

Not much worth talking about unless I complain that this is my second attempt at starting my computer (you wouldn’t know the difference, though, really). Or I could talk about the phone message I had waiting for me when we got home from Ariel’s brother-in-law’s birthday dinner in Newark last night about some fraudulent activity on my credit card. Several attempts  were thwarted for someone  to charge,  in chronological order, the amounts of $99.90, $79.90, $59.95 for online dating and/or escort services and $59.97 and $1.00 for chalked up to computer network informational sites, whatever those are. So, now, as a result, that card number was canceled and I’ll be getting a new one.

Or, I could talk about the curious site I saw at nearly 5am Saturday morning. What I was still doing up at that time of the day will be my little secret, but suffice it say, I was sitting in my darkened front room and saw something casting a shadow on the trees in the middle of my lawn from the lights along my front walk. I got up and saw the bush was shaking violently and at first I thought great, the pink elephants had finally caught up with me, but as I squinted out into the darkness, I thought I could make out what looked like the tips of antlers.  At least I didn’t go off thinking they were the tips of a martian man’s antennae,  kind of like Uncle Martin, but what would he be doing in my shrub. Shrub. Shrub? Stupid word, really, when you think about it. Well, no, it was a huge buck eating the little red berries growing on the shrub.  There’s that word again.

We got its attention with a light tap on the window and I suddenly hoped it wouldn’t rear up and charge at us, crashing through the glass. A), it would cost a fortune to replace and B), we’d have a 2 point buck in the house. THAT would have been unacceptable. I was surprised, also, because I didn’t realize that bush was so huge that it would conceal such a large animal.

Ah well, see? I told you I had nothing to talk about this morning, just a bunch of disconnected things to use as filler on a Monday morning when I wish I was still in bed with the covers over my head.

And, of course, it’s McGinty Monday!



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