It’s Not What You Think

Restaurant chain closes doors for two hours to fight hunger. Right, it’s not what you think, that that would rather defeat the purpose. But, in Louisville, KY, on Tuesday, a Kentucky Fried Chicken store, or rather  KFC, the name the chain is now known by, stemming from a marketing plan to gloss over the fact that fried food is unhealthy and customers were walking away, even from a more healthy menu they were beginning to offer in a new health conscious atmosphere,  closed its doors to the public and for two hours the staff fed 110 residents from local shelters. It was the first of several closings planned around the country. The store that’s closest to me went one step further and is now a pile of rubble.

When did the word ‘stupid’ start meaning ‘good’ or ‘fabulous’? Probably around the same time as ‘ridiculous’ did. That’s just great. And you know I mean stupid.

Guido Westerwelle, who is campaigning to become foreign minister in the next German government got in to a fracas with a reporter from the BBC during his first news conference since this past Sunday’s election. The reporter asked Westerwelle if he’d be willing to answer a question in English. The response was (in German), “Would you please be so kind, this is a press conference in Germany. Then when the reported asked if he would answer in German to a question asked in English, he was once again rebuffed. Westerwelle added, “In Great Britain, people are expected to speak English and it’s the same in Germany, people are expected to speak German. So, with the use of a translator, the BBC reporter finally conveyed his concerns of how German foreign policy would change with this new foreign minister. Don’t you know, Westerwelle dodged the question, but invited the reporter to meet with him for tea outside of the press conference and “then we can speak only English. But we’re in Germany here.”. Ja wohl!

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. On this date in 1896, Yosemite officially became a National Park. In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T. The Pennsylvania Turnpike opens in 1940. And in 2009, I send a follow-up email to that agent lady about my manuscript submission.

Remember that weather forecast I showed you yesterday for my upcoming weekend trip to Philly?  Go on, go back and look at it.  It’s not what you think anymore!

philly weather 2


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