A Wave Of The Future

A couple of weeks ago, we lost the soap opera Guiding Light after 72 years. Yesterday, I read that by next year, MY soap opera, One Life To Live, which I’ve followed since the very beginning, in 1968, is being threatened with cancellation. All My Children is relocating to L.A. and OLTL is moving into their vacated studio which is about 40% larger. Reports state that the reason the announcement of the impending cancellation wasn’t made when it was announced AMC was moving to the west coast is because there wasn’t a ready replacement show. Some of the characters on OLTL are slated to move to “Pine Valley” and the rest and the entire show will be canceled. No, I won’t accept that. People, we can’t let this art form die. Before you know it daytime television will be nothing but talk shows, each one talking about the same damn things, with host cackling and clawing at each other or ridiculous courtroom shows. Sorry, Judge Judy, but enough is enough. As a writer (unpublished…hint, hint to anyone out there), or at least one who enjoys writing, I can appreciate the tenacity with which soap opera pen masters crank out a five day a week show. Hopefully this is just a rumor but if it’s not, I’m actually feeling poised to ban ABC from my television, even though it’s the network most of the shows I watch are on. It would surely free me up big time. I might even have time to dust off my bookshelves.

And then I won’t have to worry so much if I misplace my remote control. I might not have to worry about that anyway according to a new technology that’s being developed. With a sort of special type of camera, a depth perception sort of contraption, you will no longer need a remote control because by the waving your hand or rotating it in a circle (while standing in front of your set) will turn the set on and off, adjust the volume, fine tune it and when you get a pesky disruptive phone call, you can pause live TV so you can answer a few question about foil pouch food products and then wave your TV back to play. And what if you’re an armchair symphony orchestra conductor. You’d be all into your favorite Tchaikovsky violin sonata and the music would stop and start, stop and start, stop and…

Here, push play and hear for yourself. I don’t have an actual video like I had for the remote control shower.

                                   play button

For all that effort, wouldn’t pushing a button on a remote be just as effective? And if I have to be  close to the TV, why would I need a remote at all? Like the old  days when you would have to endlessly get out of your chair to actually turn the dial, raise and lower the volume, turn that secondary dial just beyond the channel selector to get as sharp a picture as possible and even answered the phone without knowing who was on the other end and then finding someone else in the house to call you on a pretense to get off the phone because the TV program was in it’s final minutes I threw that one in there just because. I have my Tivo-lite DVR and I would be lost without it, quite frankly–it’s like, sliced bread and the DVR, the two best inventions of mankind–and I have caller ID on my phone. I remember the days my father would just stand in front of the TV, but that might have been because he didn’t want to sit down.

‘Tis the weekend and (wow, this blog is getting long) here is the final forecast for my weekend getaway. Just clouds today with an increased chance for thunderstorms tomorrow, but it will be a degree warmer than first expected.

philly weather 3

And finally, here is a combination feel good/quote of the week video. Quote of the week will be obvious and the laugh you get will make you feel good.


Have a great weekend.


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One Response to “A Wave Of The Future”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Umm, not a big fan of Hardee’s commercials. I haven’t eaten there in years, and their commercials just solidify my resolve to never go back. That and Herbal Essence. I have never purchased any of their products because the commercials are so distasteful. It might be a good product ?? Doesn’t matter. The commercials are that much of a turn-off for me. And that is all I have to say about that. Enjoy your weekend!

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