The weekend in Philly was terrific and even the weather held up, for the most part. I’m not exactly sure what that’s all about, somehow skirting a rain event even though whatever we had planned to do was all indoors, so it really wouldn’t have mattered, it was just the thought of it.

We arrived a little later in the afternoon on Friday than we had hoped but still made it there in record time even during the start of rush hour traffic, got to the hotel, went up to the room where I ended up having to fix the remote control for the TV. The batteries were in backwards. Then out onto the street. It had been so long since the last time we were in Philadelphia that we couldn’t even remember exactly when or why we were. We used to go there all the time for Halloween and New Years (capped off with viewing the Mummer’s Parade) with friends and were ever thankful all the clubs we used to go to were within walking (and sometimes crawling) distance from the hotel. Things had obviously changed, but to pinpoint exactly what those changes were since our last visit was just about impossible. It was just comforting to know that some of our old haunts were still alive and kicking.

First stop was the Irish Pub for dinner. Curiously, no bangers and mash on the menu so I settled for a cheddar bacon burger with mushrooms, not that I minded so much. Then off to another one of our favorite watering holes, the Bike Stop, that’s down an side street from America’s Colonial days, maybe wide enough for a horse-drawn sedan. We downed a few beers, shoveled down a few fistfuls of popcorn, even though we had just eaten, then took off to find Woody’s. Admittedly, it’s not one of the places we frequented all that often, but the last time we had been there, a dance floor had just opened upstairs and we realized from speaking to one of the bartenders, that was about 18 years ago. Now it’s not only a dance club, but a restaurant as well. We pretty much closed the place and retreated back to the room.

Our plan on Saturday was to walk around town to take some pictures of all the murals on the sides of buildings, but having slept off the bender from previous night, our day got off to a late start. The sky was surprisingly clear for the day that was supposed to be all thunderstormy but once we got our table at the IHOP across the street, the skies opened up and then the sun came out again, just in time for us to get back out side. We worked in the Mummer’s Museum as planned. It’s a smallish exhibit and I was quite surprised to see how heavy their costumes are ( I guess they would have to be considering the parade in on potentially frigid New Year’s Days and how intricately their feathered back pieces are made; metal bars bent and welded into shape, covered over all the colorful fabrics, feathers and whatnots they need for their themes and the entire apparatus is held on with leather straps.

Then off to the casino  at Philadelphia Park, where we would spend only a few hours and where Ariel would win over 300 dollars. I naturally lost about 140, but somehow, with his win, we tallied that the weekend thus far cost us 80 dollars or thereabouts.

There was a rain or shine street party going on behind our Holiday Inn and even though we were on the 15th floor, the commotion and loud music sounded like it was right outside our window. It went on until 8pm and until that time, while we were in the room, tried everything we could to muffle the sound to no avail. We could even hear it and all the street noise from our air conditioning unit.

Dinner that night was at a super fancy Cuban restaurant, Alma de Cuba, and our table was up on the third floor and even the food runners explained what the dish was you were being served and how it was prepared. On the way back to the hotel, not only did we see two guys in suit jackets and boxer shorts (not to mention the dress shoes and knee high black dress socks) walking the streets (lest we not forget the one who passed us on the staircase as we left the restaurant) but there was also a taxi cab wrapped around a street light. I really didn’t think a speed to create such a result could be achieved on Walnut Street, but apparently it can.

And here it is Monday morning and I’m gonna be late for the dentist if I don’t cut this short and get a move on. See you tomorrow for the final chapter of Florida Tan Tuesday.


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2 Responses to ““Tonight””

  1. Melissa Says:

    Sounds like a fun and adventure-filled weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Donna Says:

    You guys really know how to live and have a good time!

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