Lazy Like A Rainy Monday

Is this a lazy Friday or what? It was after 6 before I woke up. You’re probably thinking to yourself, so? Well, I’m usually awake by before 5, just in case we go out walking, we want to get an early start, plus Ariel usually leaves by 5:30 to avoid traffic so he can hit the gym before work.

I’m sitting here, staring into my yard, watching early changing leaves waft to the ground amid all the dead branches that fell from the windstorm we had on Wednesday, trying to figure what I could blog about today. Nothing’s coming to me so this could be a very short blog. It’s Friday.

You know what? It’s now 7:48 am and I’ve been sitting here exploring the web looking for something to spark my interest for about an hour and I’m trying to get this thing posted by 8 so I can get to work. Ahhhh. There’s that word again.

One thing that’s interesting is this weekend, The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety is conducing an online, 38-question quiz to find out what type of driver you are. It’s Put The Brakes On Fatalities Day. Here’s an interesting factoid: last year, 591 people were killed in motor vehicle-related crashes; a 19% decline from 2007 figures and it also is the lowest number recorded since 1948.

I’m seeing examples of unsafe driving behavior in the report I’m reading to be driving at above 65 mph, ‘once in a while’…yeah, that’s considered reverse on my street and it’s got a posted speed limit of 45 mph…or using a cell phone for texting or talking. Nowhere in this report do I see eating, applying makeup, shaving, reading a map or book. It’s always the cell phone that gets picked on.

Well, anyway, I think I’ll take the test myself and let you know how I scored. , that’s the web address, or you can  click here. The link is under the highlights tab on the right hand side and next to the yellow and black icon of a driver behind the wheel and titled: STOP AGGRESSIVE DRIVING.

Okay, enough of that. It’s time for the video of the week. 


Oh, what the heck, it’s Friday so here’s another video. I might have posted it before, but it kind of goes in tandem with the one above as far as oddball stuff goes. Enjoy.


PS: It’s 8:27. So much for my 8am start time. Have a great weekend.

PPS: It’s ironic, this blog today about traffic safety; it’s now 9:13 and Ariel just called me for the second time while he’s stuck in a traffic jam on Rt 80 between exit 47 & 53 and there is at least one fatality.


One Response to “Lazy Like A Rainy Monday”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Yikes, a fatality! 😦 I know I was pretty upset about someone ELSE’s wreckless driving on my way to work this morning. This person about smashed into the back of me TWICE. And well … I screamed. Not that they heard me, but I yelled my little heart out anyway. I do feel that I would have felt better if I had been able to just slap the guy in the face. Aggressive driving, hm? Maybe I better take that quiz …

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