Potayto/Potahto…He Said/She Said…Whatever!

From the “You’re So Vain” department, word has it that Carly Simon is suing Starbucks for improperly promoting her April, 2008 album “This Kind Of Love” on their Hear Music label. She is citing that the album was not available at a significant number of the coffee chain stores and the low price it was being sold at ‘stigmatized’ it. Starbucks stated that it had fulfilled all its obligations but the CD had only a ‘tepid response’. Three months later, in July, the record label and six hundred store locations met their demise. Simon, who admits the album had gotten some negative reviews, is asking for between 5 and 10 million dollars in her suit and if she wins, whoops there goes another Starbucks store (give or take a few more).

From the “Mile High Club” department, Corrrine Gehrls, former (as in fired) flight attendant on Oprah Winfrey’s private jet, is suing the billionaire talk show host for a mere $300,000 (or $75,000, depending on which source you read) in a defamation of character lawsuit. Gehrls says she is wrongfully accused of sleeping with pilot Terry Pansing, while the plane was in flight as the passengers, including Winfrey, slept. Gehrls assures it’s a plot hatched by fellow flight attendant Mryon Gooch and by Kirby Bumpus, daughter of Winfrey’s ‘gal-pal’ Gayle King to have Gehrls and the pilot fired. Gehrls also claims Winfrey knew the “mile high” accusations were false because the $42 million plane was being refueled when this incident is said to have occurred. Both she and Pansing passed lie detector tests, yet were still let go.

From the “They Obviously Needed ‘So In Style’ Barbies As Role Models” department, Hampton University in Virginia, crowned its first non-black Miss Hampton University. Nikole Churchill, a senior nursing student, competed against nine black students in the 15th annual scholarship pageant. But her triumph was met with negative comments because of her skin color which prompted her to fire off a missive to Barack Obama to come to the school to speak on tolerance, so that her “fellow Hamptonians can stop focusing on her skin color” and “be proud of the changes our nation is making in accepting diversity.” The contest had all the pageantry of larger, more established competitions; evening gowns, swimsuits and talent. Churchill won the crown, a $1,500 scholarship, she will serve as the homecoming queen later this month and she will also move on to represent in the 2010 Miss Virginia Pageant. The reason for all this flap is that she doesn’t belong to the main campus, which has about 5,700 students, but to the Virginia Beach campus whose student count is at about 90. How can she represent if people don’t know who she is, people don’t even see her” and “She’s not black” are the cries of protest from some of the other contestants and school staffers.

From the “Now This Is Amazing” department, Martin “Marty” Alvey can see again. 90-year old Marty suffers from macular degeneration and had become legally blind a couple of years ago and could not see objects further than a foot away. After it was determined he was legally blind, he went to some doctors who performed experimental testing that kept his eyes from getting worse. One night, in the wee hours, he began to feel dizzy and unstable and he made his way to the phone and dialed 911 and was whisked away to the hospital. Somewhere between home and the hospital, a miracle occurred and by the time his doctor arrived to evaluate his current condition, Marty was able to see. Now, that’s amazing!

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