The Balloon That Cried Reality TV!

I haven’t written in a few days. My well had run dry, I didn’t even have enough ammo to be even mildly sarcastic about anything. But, it’s a new week and I have a few things to get me through.

Okay, so, by now, we all know the saga of Balloon Boy was a hoax–the six year old Falcon hid in the attic as the flying saucer shaped balloon soared across the Colorado sky while all the world watched in horror, praying for a safe outcome to this so called tragedy. It was done as a means to hopefully create a sort or reality television show centered around the Heene family. The family is expected to turn themselves into authorities by later today or tomorrow at the latest. Call me a cynic, but this whole thing smacks of a book deal. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. 

Maybe I should try something like that. Obviously being mild-mannered and going through proper channels of querying prospective agents and publishers isn’t working. Maybe I will  go soaring through the air, hanging on for dear life and…nah, it’s been done. I need to be original. Maybe I should outfit retired carrier pigeons with pages of my novel with a note attached saying “publish me” and by radio control instruct the birds to release them so the pages rain down for all the public to see. People would clamor and claw their way into finding the source of those timeless words and demand my book gets published.

I had quite a busy weekend. Among the things I took care of this weekend I spoke to a few family members over the phone, gathering more information for McGinty Chronicles which is still in the working stages before it relaunches. I still don’t have a date in mind, but I will announce it here when the time comes. So, for now, JL and Elsie’s honeymoon is still on.

I also tried to connect a digital converter box to my mother’s television set because a lot of her cable channels were disappearing before her very eyes. It was a successful installation and while we had to wait the 45 minutes until the cable company remotely programmed and activated the box, we went for a late lunch ate One South, not too far from her. Not a bad menu and not badly decorated, but it was Sunday and each of the television screens had a different football game going and so there wasn’t a moment where someone wasn’t a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ about some play or other. Man, it was loud, but surprisingly, we were able to hold a conversation without much strain. The food was pretty good and when mushrooms came with a dish, they were plenty.

We returned to the house and yes, the converter box was working and she  had all the channels her particular package would allow. Apparently they moved some of the channels she likes to a more premium level and if she wants those back she’ll have to pay for them. Such a monopoly this cable thing is, really, but that’s not news. I know I pay way too much to watch the few channels I do watch, but it would be that one day when something is on I want to see is on a channel I would have just given up. It’s how my luck runs. But the greater issue was, even though I wired up this new system to include her VCR ( I know, but we’re taking steps to upgrade) we couldn’t get anything to record on the tape. I tried every conceivable wiring combination until it looked like a cat’s cradle of wires back there. Finally, we ended up hooking her back up to just the VCR, for now, and she’ll be calling to have a DVR installed rather than use the VCR. Hopefully they’ll take back the converter box in a trade-off. And while it’s still a digital box, she’ll still have to see about ordering those missing channels that aren’t included in her price plan.

And sadly, we brought her cat home with us to bury in the backyard. Crazy Cat, better known as CC, died over the weekend and she asked if we could bury him here and so after the television fiasco, in the dark, but thankfully in a pre-dug hole which we had done earlier in the day, we put him in his final resting place.


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2 Responses to “The Balloon That Cried Reality TV!”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Sorry you had so much trouble with the hook up. That happens to my human everytime he changes something. The “balloon boy” thing should help kill reality TV, may it RIP. Hope you had some extra space in CC’s grave to put it there.

  2. Melissa Says:

    R.I.P. C.C.

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