Weekend Roundup

Can you think of any better way to work off a slight Sunday hangover than by trimming down a lawn devouring forsythia bush? Well, that’s how we spent the first few hours of being home after a night of carousing in the city with some friends. We had this outing planned for a while and so, ill-armed against the weather, we trudged from place to place, meaning subway station to bar to restaurant to another bar to have a few rounds for an impromptu celebration of another friend’s birthday. The birthday drinks took place in a newly opened bar by a bartender guy we know from another place we like to hang out when we’re in the city. The sky watched us while were safely ensconced on the insides of these establishments, then, as if it were a cleansing, the rain fell once we were back outside.  Kind of like camping, but warmer and no wet equipment to put away, except the clothes on our backs. And on it went until we had returned to point A to put our jammies on, and tried  to outdo each other in front of the Wii. Those poor downstairs  neighbors. Well, it was still early…early in the morning. Ha-chachachacha!

Trimming that blob-like bush down has been stuck in my craw for several weeks, A: because it was pretty much overtaking my front lawn and B: it needed to be pruned so it would have a better chance of flowering next spring. So, when we got home from our little sleep over, I knew it was then or never and we put on some comfy forsythia bush hacking clothes and, like Steve McQueen, armed with the hedge trimmer and a rake in lieu of a fire extinguisher, we got to work. You can imagine how much growth there is in a ten year time span and that Yellow Bell bush is now about 4 feet smaller all around. Everything caught up with us afterwards though and we took turns dozing with our Chinese take-out in front of the TV. At least I didn’t fall asleep mid-stream like I had done once before and woke up only when a mouthful of semi-chewed cole slaw fell out of my mouth.

I got my teeth bleached yesterday. I sat in the chair with some kind of contraption in my mouth while solutions were applied, some of which burned, but not too seriously, the inside of my bottom lip. After several applications of bleaching gel, it was time for the laser light and during the second go around with it a jabbing pain hit one of my teeth and then a second, kind of like the feeling of hitting a filling with aluminum foil. It must be a common occurrence because when Dr. Bob came in to check and I told him, he ended the session. But the results of just two times under the light was astounding. Not that the teeth were that different in color to the new bridge–and I guess with that “zing” factor that’s a good thing so I wouldn’t have to endure it for longer or to make another appointment–but now both upper and lower match. The “zings” hit me off and on throughout the day and I valiantly tried to keep an ointment on the burned flesh on the inside of my lip. So far this morning, all that remains is a slight tenderness on my lip. And then I realized as I took my daily dose of vitamins this moring with a glass of purple grape juice, could I get any stupider? Isn’t grape juice one of the most staining things? Haven’t I learned anything at all from Josephine the Plumber and the countless times she demonstrated how difficult that, and coffee stains, were to remove? Now I think I am officially done with the dentist until my next cleaning in February of 2010. Sounds so far away, doesn’t it?

Oh, and PS! I got the point for Soupy Sales the other day!



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