Our Worst Enemy?

Oh boy, where do I begin? I know, with Eric Williamson; still no word on his indecent coffee making charges.

Now that that’s been taken care of I want to know when it became shameful to be an American? Almost a year ago I blogged about a certain Massachusetts Firefighter, Richard Busa, who went around in circles with his higher ups because he painted his helmet to resemble the American Flag. And while I admired the artwork on the helmet, I sided with the department chief that it was not appropriate and regulation wear for the department. However I take issue with political correctness gone wild.

Take Mark Shea, 23 year old owner of Gravity Fitness in Marblehead, Massachusetts. He hung a 12 foot long American flag from the gym rafters and within days had over a dozen complaints ranging from that it was too large and it blocked the view of the televisions to it being offensive. One member was quoted as saying “It’s like putting a Jesus cross in my face.” To compromise, Shea moved the flag, but only out of the way of the televisions and he is prepared to lose any complaining offended members.

Then there’s the case of Trevor Keezer, ex-employee of a West Palm Beach, Florida Home Depot who was fired on October 23,over a button he wore on his apron. The button depicted the American flag and read: “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible.” He’s worn the button for over a year, in support of his country and of his brother, who is set to report for a second tour of duty in Iraq. About a month ago, Keezer began bringing a Bible to work to read on his lunch break and that’s when attention turned to his offending button. Only buttons having to do with the store or its vendors are allowed, as a form of advertising and a spokesman said the employee violated a dress code and Keezer was offered a “United We Stand” button to replace his, one that would not be overtly expressive about “religious” beliefs, but the cashier refused the compromise. Keezer’s lawyer, Kara Skorupa, was quick to point out that there are federal and state laws to protect against religious discrimination and Michael Masinter, a civil rights and employment law professor argues that because Home Depot is a private business, and not a governmental institution, it doesn’t have to operate under the free speech provisions of the First Amendment.

That leads me to ask, why have a First Amendment? Why have any at all, for that matter, if a button with the flag on it is going to be catalyst of splitting hairs.

Come on! This is America, allegedly the land of the free and home of the brave. Then again, how could that be so, when the flag is so offensive, the same flag that has been fought for over and over again so that we could have a flag, a flag that is intended to be held up in the highest regard, a flag that symbolizes freedom and the opportunity for others to come and be proud of a home, a sanctity for those who claim they want a better way of life.  Is this the way to respect the Flag?

So, which was it? Which was Keezer fired for? Political reasons or religious ones? Well according to Home Depot, it was religious. Then how can they let shoppers of various religious groups come into their store, dressed in either a burqa, or a turban, or a yarmulka, or even a cross on a chain? Aren’t those all expressions of religious beliefs? How hypocritical! How hypocritical, Home Depot! Or anyone else who seeks to shun the beliefs of Americans.

sparkling-usa-flagAs far as the Flag being offensive (and hopefully that sentiment is reserved only by militant blowhards with nothing else to do but make trouble for everyone else, like those who decided I can no longer go to a company “Christmas” party but rather a Winter Holiday Party) what’s next…will I have to bring mine in from the front of my house in case it offends my UPS man?

I think the answer to my questioning title is: Our own selves. When the American flag becomes offensive to ourselves, we might just as well pack it in.


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2 Responses to “Our Worst Enemy?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Your blog brought a tear to my eye. Besides that I’m speechless. Otherwise, I would need a blog of my OWN to respond. But you got it, dude! Amen, brother! God bless America! I pledge allegiance to the flag.

  2. Rainman from the West Says:

    I’ve read your blog. I wholeheartedly agree with you but I fear that the words of the majority will be overruled by the minority and it seems though in the last 40 – 50 years this is SOP. Too bad! Superman will soon have to give up his cape, Batman will have to give up his Cowl to satisfy the weirdos of our once mighty now shaken nation. So to you BKS, I raise my glass of Yoho and drink a last drink to our fading way of life. Keep up the good work!

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