Hallow’rain In Philly

When we went to Philly in the beginning of October for my birthday, we got wind that there was going to be a Halloween party at one of the clubs we went to so right away we made plans to go back and join the fun. We haven’t been to Philly for Halloween in years and years; in fact we hadn’t been to Philly in a long, long time and we used to go there all the time for Halloween and New Year’s. We’d arrive earlier in the day and meet up with our friends Bill and Jim and we’d get all gussied up, ring in the new year then be up bright and early the next morning to see the Mummer’s Parade marching along Broad Street, just blocks away from  the hotel.  One time we ordered room service (which, now being a Holiday Inn Express, they no longer offer) and for some odd reason we got coffee service for 24 people. Now, you know I can drink coffee with the best of them, but even that was an obnoxious amount.

But, getting back to this weekend, though, it was a two-fold occasion. Not only was it the Halloween Party, but the city was electrified as game 3 of the World Series was set to get underway in just a few hours. We did some bar hopping after we got into our room and when it was time to head to The Irish Pub for dinner…you guessed it…it was raining. Hard. So, we hightailed it to the Pub and watched on the big screen TV as the Fox network showed alternate programming while the game was in rain delay. Of course, after the bill was paid and we were ready to leave, the game began and the place became a roaring makeshift stadium. It was an unfortunate and, I believe, slanted call in the Yankee’s favor when A-Rod’s ball ricocheted off a TV camera above the right field wall and it was decided if it weren’t for the camera being there, the ball would have gone over and it was ruled home run. Anyone with two eyes could see the ball just grazed the camera and would have fallen onto the field.

We made our way over to the club and saw our share of ghosts and goblins and people dressed as Phillies ball players. There were doctors and nurses and a Lucy Ricardo. Masks all resembling Guy Fawkes types, an Endora from Bewitched and a priest with a possessed Linda Blair doll with wild glaring eyes draped across his shoulders. There was an injured civil war soldier and one from a more current war, sailors and bunnies and Southern Belles. And there were at least two others in get ups similar to ours, though not as tricked out.


kilt color

kilt ariel


 Because of the time change, we got an extra hour of partying and afterwards we made our way to the pizza parlor across from the club with a line of more Halloween characters waiting to get inside that trailed for nearly a block including ladies of the night, except, in retrospect, I’m not altogether certain they were necessarily Halloween costumes. Just sayin’.

I put on a pot of coffee while we lumbered about, packing up our stuff and after several minutes of brewing, there was only about a quarter of the pot brewed with barely coffee colored water. I knew I shouldn’t have had that last beer to end the night, but I knew, without a doubt, I had put in the entire carafe of water. The maker hadn’t shut off; the power light was still on, and I could feel the heat rising from it. The reservoir was empty, so where did the water go? On a whim, I pulled out the grounds basket and found where the water had gone and saw where it went–down my leg, mildly burning me, and what didn’t splash all over me seeped ever nearer to stuff we had strewn across the desk the pot was perched upon.

So, that was the big adventure this weekend. You can dress me up in a fancy tricked out kilt, but you can rest assured it will still rain.


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One Response to “Hallow’rain In Philly”

  1. Cheswick29 Says:

    Drinking coffee can be dangerous to ones sexy legs. Nice sporins, boiz.

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