Some Days Are Just Like That

I woke up this past Friday, without a care in the world, until I looked in the bathroom mirror. Well, my mug first thing in the morning would scare anybody, myself included, but I was perplexed (there’s that word again) with the big clot of blood on my nose. That area where I had the second skin cancer removed back in the summer had bled at some point during the night. Naturally I called to make an appointment with the doctor and was in to see him by 10:30 am. He suggested it was either still in the 3-5 month healing “window”, or maybe a pimple had formed over scar tissue or even quite possibly he didn’t get all the cancer out and it was returning, but he didn’t want to go there just yet. He did point out to me, as I held a magnifying mirror, a spot of blood in the immediate area. Yeah, I pretty much knew that. Well, long and short, I’m in pursuit of a second opinion. You might remember how I insisted there was something wrong and simply because it had returned to what the spot had always looked like, a skin tag, he dismissed it as nothing but took a biopsy anyway and he discovered it was, in fact, cancer. That left a bad taste in my mouth, but since steps were taken to remove it, I thought we were back on track. Now, I’m not so sure again.

Fast forward to yesterday. We had dinner to finish preparing to take to Newark for a combined birthday dinner–Ariel’s mother’s, his niece’s and mine–and I was hand washing some dishes and noticed how the water seemed to waver between a normal flow and a sluggish one and I thought I’d probably have to bleed the tank before too long, like I had done once before years ago. Ariel went to get some stuff out of the fridge downstairs and first said, “There’s a strange noise,” and then said, “We’re flooded”..or words to that effect. I went down to see what he was talking about and sure enough, there was water all over the place from between the “canning” room and the furnace room, about 3 inches deep and water was gushing out of the tank through a hole in the side. We had a drain in the floor of the canning room (just a name we call it because we imagined it might have been used for that at one point some time in the past) and the mesh drain cover I keep over it had gotten clogged, hence the flood.

The cleanup began while we called Anthony’s, who had done the work for us a few years ago when the well pump went. They came, they saw and will return early this morning to take care of the situation and they estimate it to be a 4 hour job. For now, we have no water, (including toilets) except my bottled water to keep me in coffee, and no heat because I turned off the furnace, since it gets fed from the same source. And naturally, the mind is automatically set to panic mode because every three seconds I have to “go” and I can’t shake the 3 degree cooler “chill” in the house. 



One Response to “Some Days Are Just Like That”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I hope you have managed to survive the day without toilet or heat. As for the toilets, not to be crude, but doesn’t it help that you are a guy? (and have an expansive backyard with plenty of trees?) As for the heat, our house has been a cozy 62 degrees for the past month or so. And this is what I tell my husband – put more clothes on! 🙂

    That being said, I really do hope the problem is fixed by now! That is not a fun ordeal to have to go through ….

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