Give Me A Break

Okay, so I changed my mind and put up my usual ugly mug shot instead of the next of my baby pictures. I figured I’d prolong all that adorableness and show you one each week, on Tuesdays, kind of like Baby Picture Monday except it’ll be on Tuesdays.

So, I watched the American Music Awards the other night, as I mentioned and I really don’t want to spend a lot of time on it other than a few notable mentions. First of all, Janet Jackson lip-synched her much talked about seven minute show opener medley of hits, which was supposed to be 8 minutes “we’d never forget”. Alright, not all of it, she did happen to actually utter “Come on and sing with me” in between prerecorded songs.  Ariel and I both agreed that had she come out with her medley closer song “Together Again”  now (Everywhere I go/Every smile I see/I know you are there/Smiling back at me/Dancing in moonlight/I know you are free/Cuz I can see your star/Shining down on me), it would probably be her biggest best seller of all time. Kanye West looked spooked sitting in the audience; what he was doing there at all is perplexing (there’s that word again). J-Lo fell during her fancy choreography, stepping across someone’s back and then KERPLOP, right on her biggest ASSet, but she got herself right back up without missing a beat. Whitney Houston did an emotional self analytical recapping ditty of her rise from the ashes and the audience’s reception brought her to tears.

What else was there of note? Oh, yes, it was more like the Taylor Swift show. She won 5 awards and thanked everyone via satellite, far away from Kanye West in London where she was rehearsing her show there. I must be missing something, or maybe it’s the fact I’m not a sixteen year old girl that’s keeping my shrouded in mystery, but I don’t get the appeal. Another thing I didn’t get (and I know I’m gonna get my head handed to me by a certain someone) is how Michael Jackson managed to win quite a few awards himself, when, for a number of years he hasn’t done anything. Well, he died, so I guess his fans (since these awards are fan-based) decided a write in vote was appropriate. I don’t know. One thing though, in Taylor Swift’s favor, is she won the award for Artist Of The Year, over Michael Jackson.

And the moment I wished I had not seen, even a glimpse of,  was the Adam Lambert closing number. I only saw some of it because Ariel made me rewind it to see one part of his “choreography”. But I saw clips of it on the news yesterday and then of course there was a smattering of online articles. Besides the walking two of his male dancers on the end of a leash while they were on their hands and knees and trying to dislodge something from the throat of his male keyboard player with his tongue, and he shoved another male dancer’s face into his crotch. Maybe for some it was expected from the screech king from last year’s American Idol but for others, such as myself, it was just a ridiculous gimmicky cover for someone with nothing else to offer, kind of like movies with special effects in overdrive to mask the absence of plot.

What boggles my mind is, where were the censors? Event producers said they did not expect the impromptu moments of “freedom of expression and artistic freedom” (according to Lambert) which differed from rehearsals. It is still unclear whether the FCC, who is all up in arms with rules regarding profane or indecent material ever since the event that rocked the very moral foundation of the entire world, The Wardrobe Malfunction, will incite a fine to ABC because of the time slot in which Lambert performed his trashy routine. It was after 11pm past the 6-10 window during which the broadcasting of indecent material is banned. And of course, he succeeded in getting people to talk about him.

And one more thing, in regards to the censors, it just makes me nuts to read how the producers couldn’t “expect” something like this when for the past several years it has become tradition for the awards to be  filled with nothing but shocking controversial acts. But oddly, they weren’t asleep at the switch in 2007 when Sally Field’s rant on the “god-damned war” was silenced when she won for her role in Brothers and Sisters and all we saw of the end of her speech was the ceiling of the auditorium for several seconds until it was “safe” to return to the event.

Come on! Give me a break!

Now, darn it, there was something else I wanted to show you but those AMA’s took up all my time. I guess it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


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3 Responses to “Give Me A Break”

  1. Maribel Mota Says:

    Wow Brian!! You had me completely entrenched!!! Excellent! I didn’t watch the awards, but I feel like I did now!!! Love!…-m

  2. A. R. Fuentes Says:

    Say what you want about Lambert, but he’s either a genius or his PR people are. I heard this morning on Z100 that his line about the performance is that females have been doing this kind of shocking performances for a long time and getting away with it. If it gets edited (which it was at least for California) then he feels that it will be discrimination. Whether he feels that in earnest or not–here we are discussing him.

  3. Melissa Says:

    Okay, I might surprise my uncle with this comment, but I was (at first!) on the exact same page when it came to all the nominations/awards for Michael Jackson. I said to my husband – Huh??? I love Michael Jackson, but how can he be winning awards when he A. hasn’t done much “musically” in the past years and B. he’s been dead for most of the year?! It seemed very unwarranted and therefore cheapened the idea of winning an award and therefore almost insulting because the reward was somewhat “undeserved.” But … but … did you catch the statement at the end where they explained how the winners were selected? It was based on record sales and radio play … SO, once I heard THAT, then I was actually happy and excited that Michael Jackson was included in so many of the categories. I think it is an awesome testiment to how loved he (or his music) was and that so many fans went out to purchase the records and request the songs be played on the radio after his death. And so therefore, I am proud to know that he was “that good” … that he could win awards even after he is gone!

    And as for Adam Lambert – first of all, I walked out of the room after the first face was thrust into his crotch. The song was horrible. And the performance was, to me, totally unappealing. Not worth watching. But to piggy-back off of Ariel’s comments, I will say that guy has talent in-so-far as he is a show-man. Is he the greatest singer? Do I like his particular style? Maybe not necessarily. But … he is very suited to performing. He’s bold, confident, creative, and flashy … that, I will give him.

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