Tryptophan Monday

Actually, to be technical, it’s cyber Monday, the online shoppers’ version of Black Friday, but we got cyber Monday out of the way on Friday, then went out and got drunk on Try To Forget How Much You Spent Saturday. So, I’m trying to decide whether it’s the tryptophan, the excess drink, or a combination of both that seems to still have me in its tranquilizing grasp.

But here it is, Monday, after a long four-day weekend. Late Wednesday afternoon, when I finished work for the week (thanks to extended days tacked onto working the weekend prior) I got down to making my pies and my stuffing. Baby Rita’s first solo attempt at making the apple pie was triumphant! And now it looks like she’ll be making it for Christmas as well. Thanksgiving and it was a typical gathering at Ariel’s parents’ house except with way too much food.

It was later that night after I went to bed, I woke up screaming. I was in the kitchen and I could hear the unnerving clatter of the family of deer that had gotten into the house running amok upstairs from one end to the other. I remember wishing they would get out. It suddenly became very quiet up there and I grew suspicious. What had they gotten into. I peeked up to the top of the stairs through the balusters and it was as if the now demonic creature had gotten what it came for. Me! It caught me looking and began its mad descent, its horny hooves clumsily clopping as it charged toward me. I found refuge behind the door to the basement and as I balanced myself precariously on the top step just inside the door, which didn’t close all the way, but the deer passed. Suddenly, I saw it’s muzzle pry at the door, and I could see one of its eyes which I remember looked both like a hex head bolt and flat washer (making the iris and pupil) and a circle of lighter color crudely stitched to its face. Either way, it was a malicious sight and the animal leapt at me and when I began to fall backward, I screamed myself awake. Of course I heard all kinds of noises throughout the house after that until I was finally asleep.

Also this weekend, I got the flag reattached to the house. Somehow the screws in the flag holder came loose and pulled out of the wall. At Home Depot I found some incredible masonry screws whose threads were like razors. The box came with a masonry bit to make a starter hole that would penetrate mortar and brick. But after 10 minutes of drilling I hardly made a dent in the brick. Turns out, I would need a hammer drill for that. So I ended up drilling into the mortar and the flag is still hanging.

We also got some work done on McGinty this weekend and I finally hung John Logan’s walking stick/cane in a place of prominence here in my office among some other treasures. It was also a great weekend to kind of laze out and watch movies, while slipping in and out of consciousness. Oh, and I killed a stink bug.

Speaking of bugs, I have a curious story I know my niece, Melissa is going to cringe at, but I’ll wait and tell that one tomorrow.

And if you’re cyber shopping today, I’m a XL shirt, any color, except purple. I like most music but a gift card might be best and I like chocolate.


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One Response to “Tryptophan Monday”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the Christmas list 🙂

    1. I am also quite tired today. Ugh. It’s like a grouchy I-cannot-quite-wake-up and I-really-don’t-want-to-be-at-work kind of tired.

    2. That sounds like a horrible dream! Yikes!!!! And so vivid. Speaking of deer, last night Bob had me play “Deer Hunter” on the computer for the first time. I shot two does. Nothing I would want to pursue in real life, but Bob was pretty excited that I played his favorite game.

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