The Old Gray Hair

You know what’s worse than having a nightmare about an attack deer with sewn on eyes, or eyes made out of machine screws and metal washers for that matter? The fact that it’s December 1st. I realize I said yesterday we were shopping for Christmas gifts over this past weekend, but to actually see the date in black and white is a little off putting. Twenty-four days remain to get ready for the holiday. Cripes.

It’s Tuesday, time for Baby Picture Monday. Today’s blog picture is me at three months.

I made myself a note a while ago to tell you about something and stuck it in the book I mark my down my work hours in so I wouldn’t forget and I forgot to tell you anyway. A week ago today, 31 years ago, I found my first gray hair. I was 18 and actually kind of psyched about it and naturally had to tell someone about it. So I called Grandma B (you know, this grandma) and she replied with an exasperated, “So?” with a hint of that Irish sarcasm she had and then went on to assure me it wouldn’t be the last and to talk to her again when I had a headful of gray hairs like she had. This was another of those curious journal entries I came across when I was writing the Florida Sunburn Story.

I mentioned bugs yesterday. As Sunday was winding down and the last of the laundry was being folded, we called out for Chinese and my attention was drawn to the curious conversation I was hearing on TV. The show was Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on The Travel Channel and he and his father were sampling indigenous dishes of Maine and they were having quite a spirited discussion over the cod dish they were eating whose sauce was made from…well, here, I just can’t do it, see it for yourself.

The most exotic food combinations I’ve ever discussed with my father is whether or not to put an egg on a pork roll and cheese sandwich. And I haven’t even gotten to the bugs story yet. Again, I’ll just let this video tell the story.


For the record, I’m not quite sure which dish creeps me out the most. But one thing I’m certain of, it’s not clear why I’ve never watched that show in spite of the rather “tantalizing” commercials I’ve seen for it. I’ll admit, I do enjoy a good caramelized garlic encrusted escargot broiled in butter every now and then, and no one really seems to appreciate my proclivity toward an occasional peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich, except my mother, but these just seem over the top. Enjoy your Cheerios.

Incidentally, I prefer my pork roll and cheese by itself, dripping with ketchup. To sully the sandwich with an egg is sacrilegious.


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One Response to “The Old Gray Hair”

  1. Melissa Says:

    To add one to your list, I ALSO enjoy a good tuna fish and peanut butter sandwich! What a burst of energy 🙂 Actually, I brought this up with Bob the other day and was trying to convince him of how tasty it really is. You have the sweetness of the peanut butter and the I-don’t-know-what from the tuna, and it’s just all yummy all around! (Can I also suggest to put it on Oatnut bread? Yum.)

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