No News Is Good News

I don’t think you’re gonna get a blog out of me today. I woke up late (6am) and first had pry my eyes open and then scramble around in the kitchen to make coffee. I was  relieved to see my flag was still attached to the wall outside, even through all the torrential rain and wind we had last night.

I came in here to my office and had to restart my computer because nothing seemed to be going right, but that’s an almost daily occurrence and I’m getting used to it.

I thought I might find something newsworthy to blog about, but nothing was hitting me. There was a story about workers in a clam processing plant in southern Jersey who were fired from their jobs after 14 female employees staged a work stoppage to protest the $2.20 per bucket they are being paid to clean clams and then a group of male workers joined the protest and were also let go. But I thought that would be boring.

Then I decided to see what’s happening with Eric Williamson, the naked coffee maker guy in Virginia, but there hasn’t been anything, that I can see, since the incident occurred, so that idea went south.

I also find the Tiger Woods story unappealing. Actually, I applaud him for standing his ground in trying to keep the matter a private one, even though a recorded voice mail had surfaced begging one of his “gals” to take her name off her phone because his wife saw it and he was afraid she might call the “gal pal”. Why must the media assume we care about all this stuff? They make it more and more enticing by exposing all this “evidence” that the gossip-hungry public will feast on. Apparently, as far as I understand, his long-time sponsors are sticking with him, but it’s questionable whether other, new offers for endorsements will come to him. What, so all of a sudden he’s not a world champion golfer? I’m not defending what he did, but I also don’t want my day to be nothing but his extracurricular activities.

I also don’t understand why it’s necessary for luminaries (athletes, entertainers, politicians, etc) must make public apologies for private matters. Oh, I know, because their lives no longer are private thanks to the media. Every waking moment of their lives belongs to the rest of us, like we don’t have enough trouble keeping our own selves in line. Well, I guess stories like this are good blog fodder.

Another possible story I might have touched on was the sudden appearance of some home movie footage of Marilyn Monroe allegedly smoking a joint with a bunch of gal pals. The claim that it was a joint she smoked, after someone passed it to her, is substantiated because she was shown to be giggling. Whoops.  The idea of having a giggly good time while hanging out with your girlfriends. See how it comes back to haunt you?

But nothing really grabbed me this morning and now it’s too late to try to come up with something because I have to get to work. So, you all have a great day.


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One Response to “No News Is Good News”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Giggling? Hmmm …..

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