If You Got ‘Em, Wash ‘Em Down With Coffee

You can, you know, especially you guys out there who drink coffee. According to a new study by Kathryn M. Wilson from the Harvard Medical School, men who drink the most coffee have a 60% lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer as opposed to men who do not drink coffee. Coffee effects insulin and glucose metabolism as well as sex hormones and those have an effect on prostate health. The findings of this study are based on the approximate 50,000 men who were appraised every four years. But I’m not seeing how long the study was. Among them, during the study, about 10% of those men developed prostate cancer. There was also no conclusive evidence, however, that drinking coffee is a healthy habit. But we all know by next week, coffee will have its adverse effects on something or other and some group will be touting the need for a ban on the stuff…until the following week when a new benefit of a steaming hot cup of java will be discovered.

But if you got ‘em, you can’t smoke ‘em in New Jersey. Is that any wonder, you can’t do something in New Jersey? Yes, it’s true, a ban has been placed on the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 19 and the use by adults at work and public places. Did you ever even hear of such a thing anyway? It’s an alternative that looks, feels, tastes, and acts just like a real cigarette, except it’s battery powered. Besides the battery, the “e-cig“, as it is affectionately known, has an atomizer and a cartridge filled with a liquid nicotine solution. When the smoker inhales, a switch is activated that signals the atomizer and it quickly heats up and vaporizes the liquid nicotine into a fine mist that duplicates the look and feel of smoke. It’s supposed to smell and taste great and give you the full effect of smoking real tobacco without all that harsh smoke that can be so annoying. Really, isn’t that the most annoying part of smoking?

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (D-Bergen) is concerned that children might be drawn to these e-cigs because of the variety of available flavors like chocolate, banana, strawberry which could end up being a gateway to real cigarettes. Come on, how often do you get a chance to smoke such fun flavors? Then again, now often do you get the chance to smoke such carcinogens and toxic chemicals as diethylene glycol which is an ingredient in antifreeze? That’s what the FDA, who has not approved the product, discovered were in those liquid nicotine cartridges. You’re probably better off with a real cigarette.

Meanwhile, down under, in Sydney, Australia, police have charged two stars of a British reality TV show with animal cruelty. The show is called called “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here” and it pits contestants against each other in a series of scary and stomach turning tasks in a remote setting. The incident in question that got the RSPCA all ruffled up occurred when a rat was killed and cooked with the intent to eat. “The killing of a rat for a performance is not acceptable,” David O’Shannessy told the BBC of the New South Wales RSPCA. He went on to say, “The concern is this was done purely for the cameras.” I might be wrong, but I think the bigger concern would be the cooking and eating the thing. Italian chef Gino D’Acampo (who was the winner of the latest season) and British actor Stuart Manning were charged in this heinous act and are scheduled to appear in court on February 3.

I had more to tell you, but frankly, I’m too grossed out to continue.

See you tomorrow!

PS. In answer to Melissa’s question about why the top tube of a woman’s bicycle frame (known as a step-through frame) is lower than that of the design for a man’s bike, is that it allowed for a more dignified way of mounting and dismounting the vehicle while wearing a skirt or a dress. The top tube is up so high on a man’s bike to teach the boys how to keep their balance on their seats.


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3 Responses to “If You Got ‘Em, Wash ‘Em Down With Coffee”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Okay, so …
    1. I wonder what the regular percentage is of men who develop prostate cancer. Is it 10% of the general population? If so, then the fact that only 10 % that particular group of “study men” who drank coffee developed prostate cancer would be pretty meaningless. Just wondering …

    2. As for the bicycle issue – how about THIS? Once “they” had the idea to lower the “top tube” for women, then why couldn’t they just start making all bikes the same way? I mean, I would say it’s just as important (and probably MORE) for a guy to protect himself from “injury” as it is for a girl to be conservative while wearing a dress. I would think that a lightbulb would have went off – aha! Let’s make all bikes this way. And secondly, am I to understand that girls don’t require the same “training” to maintain balance as boys do?? Hmm …

  2. frankie Says:

    i say its the smell of cigs that bug people… i’ve been using it for weeks now.. im tracking my progress here:


    btw do you smoke them? or tobacco?

    • brianksigley Says:

      I happen to like the smell of cigarettes, fresh smoke. Old smoke from the night before I could do without. No, I’m not a smoker, never have been, but I had never heard of this product, but being that NJ (where I live) banned it, like we seem to ban everything, I thought it was a curious topic.

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