The Monday After

Yes, it’s Monday and I’m gonna try to knock out a quick blog in lieu of hitting the weights this morning. I’m a little bit on the groggy side after the company Christmas party last night. I’m not in a drunken stupor, I’m just sleepy. The party last night was the second of the weekend, the first being Friday, at Purdy’s place for his annual nog slog. It was the first we’ve been able to attend in a long time and we met a fun colorful bunch of his colleagues, one of whom just took a job at a publishing house who once rejected me but she said to contact her and she’ll give my novel a once around the table to see what she can do with it.

That party was fairly intense and we ended up staying the night, as is usually the case when we party with Purdy. So, some of the things (Christmas related) we wanted to get to on Saturday, didn’t actually get gotten to until much later in the afternoon. The rest had to wait until yesterday mid-morning after we’d woken from the remnants from the night before and Saturday night pizza induced coma.

In case you need your daily Tiger Woods fix, his favorable rating has dropped from 85% in 2005 to 42% today. Why 2005? Was that his popularity peak, and they used it to make it sound more dramatic? So maybe in 2008 he was only at 44%. Who knows? And I really don’t care. And many of his sponsors are either dropping him slowing down their association with him.

Excuse me, did you call number fifty-two? Then last night was the company Christmas party amid nearly 1200 attendees, compared to last year’s meager number of somewhere in the neighborhood of 900. I was in awe at all the people I actually know at the company, considering I don’t work at the office. And there were a few who were no-shows for whatever reasons and that was a disappointment. At one point, the topic of chocolate cake came up and my boss and I went to the bar and got a round for the entire table. Chocolate cake is the name of a shot made of equal parts Frangelico and Absolut Citron. To get the full effect, you bite into a piece of lemon, dipped in sugar then down the shot and the result is taste of chocolate cake. The bartender wasn’t sure what to make of our request, but he did it and let us sample to make sure he did it right. I’ll be he’s at home right now turning on all his fellow bartender friends. Ariel and I first learned about them in Provincetown one summer and spent an afternoon partaking. Since then we’ve been spreading the word.

That’s all I got for today but tomorrow, I have to tell you about another whacked out dream I had the other night. It involves a pub/theater, Bette Midler, a Grecian play, some of my Illinois family, a girl with a straw and a hanging.

See you then!


One Response to “The Monday After”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Sounds like a very interesting dream! Also sounds like you are quite the “drink” connoisseur! And even though I don’t drink, I might … just MIGHT have to try that chocolate cake shot next time I am out and about with you guys …

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