An Arm And A…

Did I tell you I registered for a sort of seminar, maybe it’s a workshop, on how to get published? No, I probably didn’t. It’s being given by the Liberty State Writer’s Group in January. I made a vow to myself and to certain other people that it’s time for me to get back into the swing with some serious writing and after the falderal of the coming holidays, I am going to do just that. My time is sparse, but I’ve made it clear I need to really set aside some time and get my book finished. And going to this seminar thing will hopefully give me some new perspective into what I must be doing wrong for the last 5 years. Can you believe I still haven’t heard from that woman I contacted in August with a packet of my work and then with a follow-up email from the very beginning of October? I just don’t understand what harm there is in at least acknowledging my communications, even if it’s with a “go get bent”.

I read this story about a French court splitting the jackpot won by a woman, Marie-Helene Jarguel and a man, Francis Sune her gambling partner, an issue that has taken since March to get resolved. Monsieur Sune argued that he should be entitled to at least part of the over 2 million euros ($2.91 million) won after a bet of 50 euros because he is the one who pulled the lever. The court actually ruled in his favor to receive 20% of his partner’s winnings.

That reminds me of a sort of similar situation that happened to me in Atlantic City many years ago, back in the ‘70’s or maybe early 80’s after casinos first starting dotting the Jersey shoreline. It was  back when Bally’s had that awesome ice cream parlor on the top floor at the end of a very long escalator (I think it was Bally’s then). It was back when very few, if any, slot machines had seats. It was back when one had to carry rolled quarters and crack them open on the coin tray. We’re talking a while ago. I was standing at a slot machine, not doing very well, similar to my prowess 30 years hence and I had gone through roll after roll of quarters. At one point, when I had stooped to crack open another roll, this old woman creeps up from next to me from out of nowhere, drops a few coins into my machine, pulls the arm and ca-chink, out falls a handful of quarters that should have been mine, but the hand is quicker than the eye, especially when it’s at the end of some old fart’s decrepit arm, and by the time I realized what the “F” was going on, that scraggily hag swooped up her, rather, my winnings and took off like a shot. I wanted to go after her and beat the puddin’ out of her, but damn it, I didn’t.

Did you hear about the book that was returned to the New Bedford Public Library in Massachusetts that was 99 years overdue? No joke. “Facts I Ought To Know About The Government Of My Country” was taken out by Stanley Dudek’s mother in 1910 when she was studying up on becoming a citizen of the United States. Dudek came across the book when he was recently going through his late mother’s things returned the 115 year old book to the library. The fine of $361.35 (calculated using the 1910 rate of a penny a day for an overdue book) is being waived and the book will be displayed in a special collection.

You’re  short only when you stand next to someone taller.

Dinner last night was an international delight. Since it was Wednesday, it was time for the weekly “sauce” and the pasta I chose to put it on was little wagon wheels.  I bought this “product of Italy” as was markd on the bag, at the Chinese market the other afternoon and I discovered last night the cooking directions were in French. To cap off the meal, we each had a hunk of Polish cheesecake, which was a whipped cream smothered cheesecake, sitting atop what amounted to chocolate mousse-frosted black forest cake, whose cherries were infused with rum. Mmm…mmmm!  Thankfully Ariel chose to speak to me in English.

Today I’m in a Christmassy mood. Remember yesterday I was undecided? I got this video from a friend of mine and then after some exploring, (exploring, right, I clicked on the next thumbnail on Youtube, is what I did) I came across the second one which you’ll have to see by clicking on the orange play button.



                   Click here for the second video



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