It’s Planely Ridiculous

Here’s one for you. Last night, on a news brief between television shows, there was an item that rather put our backs up. The government, just yesterday, ordered airlines to let passengers off planes that are delayed on the ground for more than three hours. They can’t hold passengers hostage with no food, water or bathroom facilities. Yes, it took the government, not the company to whom you pay through the nose to fly, to check in a second bag even…to pay for a friggin’ pillow to rest your head,  to realize that’s a no-no. Of course the airlines are poo-pooing (no pun intended) that idea because they say having to return a plane to a gate to avoid a significant fine would only cause more delays and would be inconsistent of achieving their goal of completing as many flights as possible. Oh, and by the way, as a sort of call back to yesterday’s blog, the three major airports in the New York area; Newark, JFK and LaGuardia are the country’s worst offenders for late departures, hence one more piece of the puzzle in the low stature on the happiness scale.

Whoops, before I forget, it’s Baby Picture Monday on Tuesday and that’s me at 5. Look at that thin-lipped smirk. There’s something going on in that head of mine, I can see it in my eyes. I have a feeling I was up to no good.

It’s not your eyes, Donna, I did put snow on the blog. Cool, no? It’s hard to see against the white background, but you can see it real well after a few seconds on the picture I put up yesterday of the big bush by the corner of the house and it looks like it’s still snowing.

Here’s a bit of a sad story and one I think has no chance of a positive outcome.  17 families want to dig through a closed Staten Island landfill because the ashes of the remains of their loved ones might be in there. A lawyer for the city of New York, Jim Tyrrell, urged a federal appeals court to leave the landfill alone, even if it does contain the ashes of 9/11 victims stating that “These ashes are undifferentiated dirt,” echoing the words of Judge Alvin Hellerstein, who, a year ago, when he ruled that the families had no standing to sue the city, argued that nearly 1,100 victims perished without leaving a trace, that they had been incinerated in the intense raging fires or pulverized into dust by the massive tons of collapsing concrete and steel. Normal Siegel, the lawyer for the 17 families argues that it’s “disrespectful to call it dirt when it’s remains.” He also pointed out the 223,000 tons of the material was never sifted. While work continues to identify the nearly 20,000 human remains that were uncovered, the families’ attorney says they want the material in the landfill moved to a another site where it can be properly buried. Faced with a civil action against the city, Judge Barrington Parker asked the attorney how the city could be considered to have shown a deliberate indifference in this horrible unprecedented situation. His answer: “Your loved ones on top of garbage. That’s the deliberate indifference” and continued his argument that this dirt could be used to fill a pothole. 

Of course it’s hard to say if I would feel differently all these years later had I suffered a loss of such magnitude, and I count my blessings I didn’t, but I think it’s best to abandon this crusade. I realize, for some, it’s a last ditch desperate attempt at closure (I hate that word with a passion) to this nightmare, but the endless, and probably fruitless searching would be even more devestating.

Finally, there is more  news on the Eric Williamson case, the man who was seen making coffee in the nude. He’s been found guilty of indecent exposure but the judge did not fine him or put him in jail. He maintains he had no intention of “exposing” himself at 5 o’clock in the morning to those who crossed his yard at that hour. A seven-person jury will rule on the propriety of Williamson’s domestic nudity in February. So, stay tuned.

Here are a few more pictures from the snow we had the other night, all thumbs. Click on them and they’ll open.


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