One Down…

One to go. Christmas 2009…touched! It was a good Christmas. And white. From the leftover snow from the storm the weekend before, which is all gone now from the rain we had this weekend. Christmas Eve, of course, was spent at Ariel’s parents’ house with the customary roast pig and all the warmed over pig skin I could get my hands on before it was turned into cracklins for the rest of the group. Christmas morning was spent here, starting with a pancake and egg breakfast, opening gifts, then going to see “Sherlock Holmes” which did about $10M less than the movie “Avatar” as it turns out. Then back home for dinner and when Sue came over after she was finished at her family’s, opened more presents and stockings.

Saturday the rain came and washed away the snow that was left, just in time to make way for the wintry mix we’re due today.

We went to a Christmas garbage luncheon party yesterday and I am not the proud owner of a bathroom wench, a stuffed bespectacled bonnet wearing old hag riding a miniature bathroom plunger. The rules of the game are simple; each consecutive guest takes a gift from under the tree, or from someone before him who managed to get something not so horrendous. Then the person whose gift was taken from him gets to chose another from under the tree. The 60th anniversary silver slinky seemed to be the popular item and it changed hands, including mine, 5 times. When it was taken from me, I had to choose another gift and the soft billowy package intrigued me and it turned out to be Hanna The Bathroom Wench, and of course, no one else wanted it. Ariel also walked away with the big door prize; a huge assortment of chocolates; cookies, candies, hot chocolate, things like that. It came at the right time, too. Today is National Chocolate Day and Card Playing Day.

Speaking of wintry mix, I haven’t had the opportunity to show you lately that we still haven’t lost our touch. Reservations for New Year’s Eve are firmly in place, tickets for the final judging of the Mummer’s Fancy Brigade at the Philadelphia Convention Center are in our possession and you know what they say, what you do on New Year’s Eve carries through all year. That’s why you shouldn’t eat chicken that night so you won’t be scratching for food during the coming year. Well, take a look!

The one thing we know for sure is that the Mummer’s don’t parade in inclement weather and if they don’t march, will there be that judging. So, this event may not get off the ground but we’ll see. New Year’s is not for 4 days yet but at least it won’t keep us from ringing in the New Year.

Also this weekend we gave the start of the next McGinty chapter the once over and that looks like it will be all set to launch on 1/11/10 and a slightly new design to the website homepage will make it’s debut next week.

Don’t fly if you don’t have to. 


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