Countdown Has Begun – CDHB

Yes, it does look like I’ve grown into those ears. I’m ticking off the hours until the end of today and my New Year’s celebration will officially begin. Hooray.

Last night’s dinner for Ariel’s father’s 80th birthday celebration at Tony Da Caneca in Newark’s Ironbound section was a success. Our party of 13 had its own room until the restaurant began to fill up and with “permission” from Ariel, the maitre d’ sat another table in with us, off to the side. How could we possibly tell the restaurant not to allow people to eat? Appetizers and dinner were all fine–some a little on the salty side–and the cake came from Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, the subject of The Learning Channel’s show, The Cake Boss. Juan, Baby Rita’s boyfriend knows Buddy, the owner for about 18 years. The day he and Baby Rita first went to order the cake, filming for the show was taking place and they had to return the next day.

I nearly missed my train, but my Yellow Cab driver didn’t let me down. He got to me a little later than I was told and I began to panic that I’d get to the station too late and after dodging out of the driveway (no easy feat, you know that!), he got a call to pick up another fare going to the train. He asked if I minded and I said as long as I get the 4:30, he could do what he wanted. When the next fare was tardy getting out of the house, my driver called dispatch and told them he was going to leave, he had his “steady” he had to get to the train. That’s the second time in two trips I was referred to as their “steady”. Long and short, I made my train.

So, as this year fades into oblivion, I’m still not published. As a matter of fact, my rejections have risen to a new level: no responses at all to my queries. Well, screw them. Once I get book number two finished, which I’ll be working on after the new year begins, I’ll get that cleaned up and try to shop that around for a while and then I’ll seriously consider self-publishing for both.

2009 certainly was the tabloid year, wasn’t it? And poor Farrah, she couldn’t get the public mourning she should have because Michael Jackson had to go and die on the same day and steal the spotlight. No one could make a move without it showing up on YouTube (thankfully for me) or someone tweeting about it. And Facebook brought me closer to a whole collection of “friends”, most of whom don’t even know I exist. But, then again, I have friends in real life who feel the same way.

One more thing before I send you into video-apalooza land (to help recap 2009). Take a look at this side by side.


Just sayin’.  But notice how the chance of precipitation has risen from 40 to 60% and the foul weather has been extended by a day. It looks like we’re kicking 2010 off in good form.

So, I wish all my readers and happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 and I’ll see you back here next year.



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