I was going to put up pictures from the parade today, and I was going to work on them last night, but I was too much a zombie from this cold I got suddenly to do anything about it. And I slept in this morning and that left me with no time to sort through all of them. So, I need a raincheck until tomorrow.

I did, however, want to weigh in on that Newark Airport security breach before it gets to be too old of a story. It just galled me when I heard about it, as I’m sure it did the rest of you, especially on the heels of that Christmas day bombing attempt.

The guy walked the wrong way through security and disappeared into the crowd? Really? Of course, I don’t work there and maybe it’s not as simple as it would seem, but why didn’t they just grab him and rectify the situation right there and then? You would think there’d be eyes all over the place, and I don’t mean cameras with monitors in remote locations, to handle such goings on. Do you mean to tell me they don’t have the manpower to do anything other than look in one direction? I mean, come on, they got people stationed all over the place making sure you discard your bottle of water. So, for that snafu, an entire terminal filled with people had to be delayed for up to 6 hours and rescreened before things could get back to normal. And then it was announced the guy had left the airport, or, rather the terminal, 20 minutes later, according to an eyewitness who saw him. WHAT?! WHAT?!  And here’s the punchline. The lockdown occurred two hours after the “incident”.  So, was the lockdown an ultimate band-aid?

In the meantime, on the way into the arena for the Fancy Brigade show at the Convention Center in Philly, everyone was subjected to a search and pat down. Purses and assorted bags were being sorted through with flashlights and long sticks to flick things around inside and the pat down, at least the one I got (and it was only men getting patted down) was done with the security guard’s wrists, with his palms facing outward and at the waist and under the arm. I guess they’re trained to feel for things, but what can you detect using your wrist? Not a very thorough search in my book. Was it just to satisfy the mandate that people will be searched entering public buildings? What if the camera in the inside pocket of my coat, which fell between those two check points, was an explosive device? Or the tube that houses my teeny tiny reading glasses I carry in my shirt pocket was holding some sort of something?

Tomorrow there will be pictures of the Mummers and I’m working on another sort of tirade for you. See you then.


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One Response to “Raincheck”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I think that settles it – no one boarding an airplane or entering a public building without being completely naked… and even then, entrance will only be granted after a thorough rectal exam.

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