Tune In Tomorrow…?

Now they’re saying the cameras weren’t functioning properly the day of the security breach at Newark airport. Hmm, well, then they should dock the cameras’ pay.  How’s this for an idea?  An in-terminal sequestered hotel, beyond the first set of checkpoints, where passengers are held, say, three days before a flight, to make sure everyone is free of any contaminant; water, baby formula, book, blanket, shoe, underpants…

Well, this might not be a rant, as such, but more of an observation and a disgruntled one at that. I was watching television the other night, in my state of semi-consciousness with my head cold and after all the stuff we had on the DVR was over, I turned on a show called Conveyor Belt of Love. Did any of you see it? The basic premise of this show was that a panel of 5 obnoxious women (overly made up and in most instances under dressed) and either 30 or 35 guys (including one musclebound specimen in a Speedo carrying his Pomeranian dog…I kid you not) who were presented before them, with a chance of impressing each of the women. Some came out with a simple introduction, while others sang, or danced or performed some specialty like a magic act. Each of the women held up a two sided sign (interested/not interested) accordingly. If a guy impressed two or more of the women, it would then be up to him which woman would get him. As each guy was chosen, he’d stand over on a podium at the marker with that woman’s name and would remain there until such a time that woman might be smitten with someone else and he would then bump the previous guy. This took up 3/4 of the one hour show and the remaining 15 minutes (including commercials) was a brief recap of each of the women’s dates with their date choices and whether she would see him again or not. Huh?

By contrast, the soap opera, an grueling imaginative art form is facing imminent demise. Guiding Light, as you know was cancelled after 72 years–an American icon–and now, As The World Turns will be off the air next fall. And One Life To Live, the one I’ve been watching since 1968, is mired in threats of cancellation. Scoff if you will, that the soap opera is the lowest form of acting (as I’ve often read and heard), but as a writer, I can appreciate the intricacies of plot lines that get cranked out on a daily basis. I read an article recently that explains this sudden downturn. They say it’s because audiences today are too busy to take time to sit for an hour to tune into the goings on of their favorite fictional city. Well, that’s a bunch of bull. I make time to watch my story each day. I even bring a VHS tape and extra wires when I go on vacation in the summer. With today’s busy lifestyle and the advent of DVR’s, I wonder how many shows are watched when they are actually aired. So, the making time angle doesn’t cut it with me. What it is actually, is that soap opera audiences are getting older and are less desirable to advertisers and it is not cost-effective to produce them. So, what are we “oldsters” supposed to watch? The Jersey Shore? I think not. Networks just need to have a little more respect for their audiences and put a little bit back into their shows to keep them worth watching. I know it’s a numbers game, but, come on, don’t years of loyalty count for anything?  So now, daytime television will be rife with programs that are easier and more economic to produce, like inferior like more talk shows, more courtroom shows and probably game shows. But, if no one is watching daytime television as it is because of time constraints, what makes anyone think any of this nonsense will change the tide?

Okay, that rant is over for now. You know I’ll be staying on top of this. Meanwhile, here are some Mummers pictures. I hope they’re worth the wait. Hover over each for a description and click on each to open bigger.












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