Wake Me When It’s Over

It’s day 5 of this cold I picked up, that started with a scratchy throat in the late afternoon last Sunday when we got home from our whirlwind New Year’s party weekend. My head has been like a block of cement and I’ve taken countless doses of over the counter remedies to no avail. You would think the frustration of just trying to pry those tablets out of those blister packs would aggravate the cold right out of a person.  Give me a good old fashioned bottle any day, something a 6-year old could open. My God, those blister pack are more secure than the checkpoints at Newark Airport.

Did you see that video? Take a look. It’s a little long, with the man in the tan coat just standing there, looking like he’s waiting for someone and little by little moves further up. If you jumpt to 4:53, you see the guard leave his post.  At about the 5 minute mark, the man is now behind the rope. 33 seconds later, the woman appears in the bottom left corner. And at 5:41, the man has ducked under the rope and is walking away with the woman.  He still hasn’t been identified and if he is ever found, he could face criminal charges.  The security guard is on administrative leave, with pay, until the matter is cleared up.



Today is Elvis Presley’s 75 th birthday. Let’s all have a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich to celebrate.

“The bill is defeated.” Those were the words late yesterday afternoon of Senate President Dick Codey, who was in favor of the bill,  after the 20-14 vote against marriage equality in New Jersey, as was expected.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes ~ Oscar Wilde



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