We Have A Winner

I don’t know how to say this, but I’d like to say that I won $20,000 last night on a scratch off ticket that I had gotten as part of a $32 dollar trade in from other tickets. But, I can’t. I was one number off. The same number off on the same ticket that would have paid me $100. So, instead, I won $11. Trade them, or cash them? That is the question.

So, it looks like Simon Cowell has finally decided to leave American Idol after this season to start the X Factor. This came on the eve of the season premiere. The general consensus is that the show would suffer without him and that it might be the open door for a return for Paula Abdul and the big chair being occupied by Randy Jackson. Well, I immediately started thinking who could take over for Simon Cowell and I remembered about David Foster. He’s an accomplished songwriter/producer and served as judge once on another singing competition show, “Celebrity Duets” in 2005 (Marie Osmond was also a judge). Some of the performers he’s produced include Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Donna Summer and Janet Jackson.  He’d be fresh blood, a welcome change from the overly sarcastic and increasingly outwardly bored Simon Cowell who has taken to mostly rolling his eyes in disgust at everyone who appears before him.

The medical marijuana bill was approved yesterday and if it gets signed by outgoing Governor Jon Corzine before he leaves office next Tuesday, New Jersey could become the 14th state to allow the purchase and use by chronically and terminally ill patients.  However, it cannot be home-grown, nor can you operate a vehicle while under the influence. But what if you get the munchies and just got to have some hot fudge for your can of sardines? Or is that more a pregnancy craving?  Also, all-passenger seat belt law was signed but only as a secondy offense. So, buckle up people if your driver gets pulled over or you’ll be getting fined also. The in-state tuition fee for illegal aliens proposal was never even looked at. It was cited that it would send the wrong message that if you do something wrong or illegal long enough, eventually it would pay off. At last, something that makes sense.

Cell phone use may help protect you from Alzheimer’s. A study was done using 96 mice, some of which were genetically altered to develop memory problems that mimic the disease and some were not, as controls. The mice were placed in cages encircling a single antenna that emitted electromagnetic waves comparable to those of a standard cell phone, for 2 1-hour periods each day. After several months of the study, there was no change in the “normal” mice, but the impairment in the altered mice had disappeared. Therefore, scientists are hopeful that greater amounts of electromagnetic waves administered to humans suffering from the disease would provide a viable, drug-free treatment.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle ~ Plato (427 BC -347 BC)


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