Uh-Oh…It’s Still Christmas!

It’s the neat round spaghetti you can eat with a spoon…uh, oh, SpaghettiO’s. Donald Goerke was the marketing research director for Campbell Soup’s Franco-American line and in the early 60’s came up with the O shape of canned spaghetti that would appeal to kids. The 83 year old Waukesha, Wisconsin native worked for the Camden based company for 35 years until he retired in 1990 and died in his Delran, NJ home on Sunday of heart failure. It just so happened I had a can in the pantry and that decided what I had for dinner, in his honor, rather than some of the other stuff we had in the fridge. I had no adult supervision while Ariel was attending a first aid class after work and he didn’t get home until later in the evening.  He confirmed the Pez candy I was munching on was indeed floor cleaning product flavor. It was supposed to be grape. By the way, the developer of the iconic Pez dispenser, Curtis Allina,  also recently died, on December 15.  I wonder if they’ll make a commemorative Pez head in his honor. If not, at least I also had an honorarium dessert to him along with my SpaghettiO’s. Yup, no adult supervision.     

Today is the 14th of January and can you believe I still haven’t marked up my 2010 wall calendar? Nor have we taken Christmas down yet, but I think both are on the schedule for this coming weekend.

To be serious for a moment, if anyone is interested, there are a number of ways to make a donation to the relief fund for the victims of that devastating earthquate in Haiti. One simple way is to text the word Haiti to 90999 and your $10 dollar donation to the Red Cross will appear on your phone bill. You can also go to the Red Cross website and make your donation there to the  “International Response Fund”.  Or, you can go to the IRC, International Rescue Committee website to make a donation there.

Well, now that the holidays are over, all my TV shows are either back or are coming back on: American Idol, Leverage, CSI:NY, Fringe, Life After People, Damages…oh, and Spartacus is starting up (that looks really good) and Project Runway, which starts tonight. They’re finally back in New York, so hopefully this season won’t be a wishy washy ‘falling apart at the seams” one that the last one was while they were in Los Angeles. It needs to be a more cut-throat rather than whiny. To usher in the new season of Project Runway, I came across this rather timely video, even though it’s a few years old (does that make sense?). I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time or for the person involved, but watching it makes me guffaw and so I like it.

Honestly, why do models have to parade up and down the runway like they’re walking through muck of  The Everglades? It’s so…unladylike and unattractive. And always that lemon sucking expression on their faces. And most of the time the clothes are laughable, but I like Project Runway for the competition angle.

And check out the American Idol recap from last night’s show.


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