A Day Late, A Celebration Short

Oh, snap! Or rather, pop. No crackle, though, is this case, but plenty of stress relief. Yesterday, Bubble Wrap turned 50. I was so frustrated that I neglected to report it, I went to my basement, threw myself against the wall and made a full body impression of myself in my bubble wrap. No, I’m kidding. There was no bubble wrap on the wall. But that doesn’t mean it might not have been. What are you talking about, Brian, you might be asking yourself. And I shall be happy to oblige with an answer.

Originally, when bubble wrap was first invented, it was intended to be a textured wallpaper–which would be great if it would re-inflate itself so you could just keep on playing with it–but the failed trend led to an ideal way to wrap fragile items for shipping or packing away. The idea for that came to one of its inventors, Mark Chavannes, (his partner was Al Fielding) when a flight he was on was coming in for a landing in Newark. He noticed how the clouds seemed to be cushioning the plane and he thought his sheets of sealed air would make a perfect cushion and Bubble Wrap, as we know it, was born. Sealed Air, whose headquarters are in Saddle Brook, NJ,  is now a Fortune 500 company and Bubble Wrap is a pop culture phenomenon. Clothes, painting on and with (for a unique faux finish), wrapping, shipping and of course instant stress relief are among this versatile products uses. 


2010 is the tenth annual celebration of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

Lately though, I’ve been seeing those new “air pillows” in shipping cartons, that are about 5×7, well, pillows, of air that really take up a lot of room, but since they are set size, they are hard to mold around items you want to protect in a shipping box. Plus it’s only one bubble so once you pop it, it’s over.

And speaking of popping, here, work out some frustrations. In the normal mode, you click on each individual bubble, trying to pop as many as you can in the time you set for yourself. In the addictive mode, you simply glide your mouse over the page to pop as much as you can in the time allowed.

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One Response to “A Day Late, A Celebration Short”

  1. Donna Says:

    Thanks for the bubble wrap game!

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