Mixed Bag Monday

Baby Rita’s wedding on Friday was a simple affair at the city hall of where she and Juan live and altogether there were five couples tying the knot that day. They were couple number 5, thanks to having arrived a little late to the courthouse but that worked out to their advantage. They had the largest group of “guests” of all the couples and because we all wouldn’t have fit into the tiny room where the private ceremonies took place for each couple, the Mayor consented to conduct theirs in the main courtroom so that we could all see them be married.

The reception took place back at the bride’s parents’ place and there was food aplenty (maybe a little too aplenty, if you catch my drift) and the hours flew in between courses and rounds of picture taking and some of us taking turns napping. And here is the happy couple:

Surprisingly, the aforementioned “food aplenty” had little effect on our weigh-ins on Saturday morning. Ariel dropped another 3 pounds last week and I stayed the same. Okay, so maybe that extra helping of food the night before (I couldn’t help it, it all tasted so good) might have made the difference between one or two pounds, but at least I didn’t put any extra on. So, as of Saturday the standing are: Ariel (205–down 8 in two weeks) and me (still 223 – down 7 in two weeks).

We met with a contractor on Saturday morning to talk about possible plans for an addition to the house. We want to extend and put a sunroom/panty/eating area coming off the kitchen, that will also lead out to a patio at the back of the house. Being the adult in the room (and the professional) the contractor talked us down from our loftier goals to something much more feasible and cost effective. He didn’t give us numbers yet but assured us that one thing we wanted, in the long run, would have been impractical. And we’re also looking at a new roof thrown into the mix…so, stay tuned.

We also tried to repair the toilet and I must say, though we’re no plumbers, it was an easier task to accomplish (and no leaks, which I was grateful for) but now, for some reason, we can’t get the bowl to fill completely, to where the water has always been. We tried every combination of settings but nothing is doing the trick. We even tried out one more idea yesterday morning but to no avail. We’re on the case, though, and, until we do get it resolved, at least it flushes completely and that, I guess, is the bigger concern.

And man alive, was it ever cold this weekend and quite frankly, I’m over it. With any luck, Punxsutawney Phil will NOT see his shadow tomorrow so spring will just around the corner. And on that note, I’m off to see my dentist. He called me the other afternoon, not only to remind me of my appointment this morning, but to officially thank me for the pecan pies I made for him at Christmas. I was just glad they turned out as well as he said they did because, let’s face it, I will be sitting in his chair, at his mercy.

There’s a brand new installment for McGinty Monday, so, please, enjoy!


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