Monday…More Or LESS!

31-17 SAINTS! Wow, what tense game last night, huh? And then we get Tracy Porter’s awesome, AWESOME interception that clinched the game for the Saints at the remaining 3 minute 20 second mark of the last quarter. This living room came alive like you could not believe! That was an awesome play.

You may not know this, but I’m the furthest thing from a die-hard football fan, but there’s something about the Super Bowl that gets me all into it, aside from the commercials. Admittedly, the first Super Bowl game I actually paid attention to was that fateful one with that now infamous world changing (some say on par with 9/11) wardrobe malfunction, which I missed–live– though I had my eyes trained on the halftime show. But since then it’s become an anticipated and tense tradition here at Leaning Pines much like it is the nation over, but with much less of the fanfare but lots of jumping up and down and throwing around the “F” word. Was looking forward to Queen Latifah’s “America The Beautiful” but wasn’t so impressed with her performance; her phrasing was off  and something happened with her earphones. And Carrie Underwood’s “Star Spangled Banner” was bigger than she was, but she gave an okay performance.  It was a bit pitchy, dawg! And the commericals this year were uninspiring. The only one I kind of enjoyed was early on, with the little kid warning his mother’s boyfriend to treat his mama right, and to keep his hands out of his Doritos. And the punchbuggy Volkswagen was okay, only because of it ending with Stevie Wonder.

Our party fare began with a homemade low salt kale soup, followed later by an also low salt stroganoff dish loaded with two types of sauteed mushrooms and thinly sliced roast beef over penne pasta . Then for munchies during the game, we had no salt pretzels and as low sodium I could find potato chips and washed it all down with a beer with a diet ginger ale and birch beer chaser.

All this low sodium/diet stuff is in keeping with our new regiment. We had to behave because we had two “cheat” nights this weekend. Friday night we each ate half a pizza and Saturday night, after the fizzled snow storm of the decade (in our area at least) we went carousing in the city with some friends. There wasn’t a drop of snow to be seen and I forgot to take notice on the drive home along the Turnpike just where the snow cutoff was. But, the good news is that our weigh-ins were positive even after the half a pizza on Friday fiasco. I dropped another 4 pounds (223-219–bringing my total loss in our three weeks to 11 pounds) and Ariel dropped another 2 (205-203–making his three-week total 10 lbs.) We’ll probably have to be a little extra diligent this week, though, to make up for being naughty over the weekend, but when you’re hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, playing pool (for some reason I was playing like a pool shark–too bad it all wasn’t for money) and drinking and eating up a storm, you’re gonna end up having a lapse in judgment. And man does not live by salad alone.

Looks like a little piece of my Kanye West prediction came true. He threw a holy conniption fit when he and his assistant got bumped to business class from first class on his way back from his “We Are The World” recording stint. How dare they do that to the one person who single-handedly saved the world? How? I guess he remembered to pick up his ego after he left it at the door on the way in, as the sign, still from the original recording, insists.

Just because….


But it’s Monday and that means another installment of McGinty Chronicles is ready.


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