A Snowy Future

Not much really going on. Work and the anticipation of “Snowmageddon” part 2. That’s the term President Obama coined for this past snow event that crippled the east coast, Washington, DC, specifically. DC was closed yesterday; 230,000 federal employees had a snow day at a cost of $100 million dollars to taxpayers. Right here, though, in this general area that was also supposed to be bombarded, we were spared. But we might not be so lucky this time, according to what I’ve been reading and hearing. It’s supposed to start sometime between 4 and 6 this afternoon and continue to around midnight Wednesday. Looks like the groundhog was right, after all, PETA!

In 1899, the record for a single day snowfall in New Jersey was 33inches on February 14. That must have made for a cozy Valentine’s Day. And while I’m at it, the coldest New Jersey day on record is January 5, 1904 when the mercury dropped to minus 34 degrees. The measurement was taken at River Vale, which is up near the Paramus/Ridgewood area. River Vale is at an elevation of 70 feet above sea level.

And while the snow is falling and Herbert and The New Shazzam are busily keeping tabs on American Idol and Ellen Degeneres’ debut as a judge tonight, Ariel and I will be busily plotting a plan of attack for the morning to get the driveway cleaned up so he can get on his way to work.

And just because….I know I’ve posted this once before, but since it’s a snowy themed blog, it fits, and it’s just so gosh darned adorable.




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