Snow? What Snow?

We went out to clean the driveway around 4:30, after the blizzard-like conditions had been ravaging since about 1 or so in the afternoon that quickly changed the paltry 3″ into over a foot. Surprisingly it took us just over 2 hours. The storm over the weekend, which was much less snow, took about a half hour less. What helped with yesterday was that up at the top of the driveway, the slush from the plows wasn’t as high as one might have thought it would be and with slow, very slow perseverance, the blower cut right through it. Usually all the slush and stuff is too heavy and nearly impossible to move.

I also can’t believe they interrupted my daytime television to tell us it was snowing. But it saved a lot of time last night.

Then, to get Ariel out of here early enough to make the trip to work for an important breakfast meeting, we were out before 5:30 cleaning up the rest of what fell since yesterday afternoon. Luckily it was a small amount and powdery, except up by the street, where the plows must have realized at some point they needed to rectify yesterday’s meager slush pile, which, this morning, was hard and turning to ice. Most of what’s in the driveway was ice underneath the powder, but at least the 2″ won’t add to it.

From my office window yesterday, before we went out (Ariel had brought work home on Tuesday to plan to not have to travel yesterday) we could see a low hanging branch on the tree by the corner of the garage assumingly from the weight of the snow, but upon closer inspection, as it lay half in front of the garage door, it had snapped off the tree. A large branch from the ornamental cherry tree in the front of the house is also gone. And in the light of the morning, I can see two of my trees from the apple orchard are half on the ground. Not as devastating as for those with no electricity and stuff, to be sure, but this is my little paper cut I’m dealing with.

I read through the boys’ blog this morning and they didn’t seem to be so talkative last night. I see they took a jab at us, all for a moment of relaxing after our shoveling duties.

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