It’s a sunny and still Friday morning, the end of another week. Snow peacefully blankets the ground, my lawn peppered with huge tree branches that have to be dragged away. Crunchy ice blankets my driveway that will probably have to wait until the spring thaw. Nothing would indicate that something was brewing, but, indeed, there is more snow predicted for Monday into Tuesday. According to the weather on the radio, it may not be significant, though. Or, it may be. Oh! And this, taken from a Brian and Ariel Drought Relief file, it’s also going to snow next Saturday when we will be in the city to see The Miracle Worker on Broadway.

Tonight we’re going to see the new movie, Wolfman, with Anthony Hopkins. I see he’s listed 8th in the credits. I wonder just how much screen time he’ll have.

I had a funny dream last night. I was working for some powerfully rich family who lived in a mansion high on a hill somewhere here in New Jersey. I was a live-in servant of some sort and I was never allowed to leave the estate when no one was home. But at this point in the dream, even though the house was empty except for me, it was of the utmost urgency I get a set of important documents somewhere and my only mode of transportation was to ride their elephant. Of course I was concerned that it might trample me to death, or he would run amuck with me astride. I was also concerned that I didn’t know how to ride an elephant, but apparently I learned quickly. He was a friendly sort and as I jerked his reins ever so slightly, with a less intense ‘ya-ya’ than one would use to direct a horse, let’s say, I was able to steer that pachyderm off the grounds, realizing the driveway at the bottom of the hill was wide enough. The tiniest tug to the right ‘ya-ya’ then one to the left ‘ya-ya’ and we were on the road against oncoming traffic. Another ‘ya-ya’ or two later, we were on the proper side of the road. But whether I got the documents delivered, I’ll never know. I woke up…and here I am. Not to mention he was such a slowpoke. I most likely did not get them delivered and then lost my job as a result.

I’m a little afraid for tomorrow’s weigh-in. We had our naughty moments during the week, especially after that snow removal. It kind of makes you want to devour everything in sight. But we balanced it out with good stuff, too, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day


One Response to ““Ya-ya!””

  1. Donna Says:

    What a dream!

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