Are We Snowed In?

I really don’t know yet. I wrote this last night, in anticipation of having to be outside shoveling this morning. So, if I haven’t amended this blog with any snow totals or anything by the time you read this, you can figure I’m cleaning out my driveway.

But, it never fails with these storms. It began snowing here about 6 or 7 yesterday morning and since the forecast was so dire, Ariel, who had the foresight to bring work home with him just in case, ended up staying home. His ride one way to his job is, on a good day, about an hour so you could imagine what he’d be up against with this impending storm. So, we worked side by side all day long watching the snow whip around through the office window amounting to absolutely nothing. In fact, the driveway went through phases of being dusted with snow and clear asphalt. Ho hum, right?

We kept track on TV; one report said up to 6″. The next report said 10-12″ One report even said 12-24″ I’m not making that up. Then, the snow stopped and all we had was about a half inch. The wind finally picked up, as it was supposed to do while we watched American Idol and afterwards I turned on the weather channel and they were saying between last night and by the time it stops today we should have 7″

So, like I said, unless we’re tunneling our way to civilization I’ll have time to amend this post.

But it figures, I’m supposed to be having my mother and Sue over for dinner tonight, but that’s weather permitting now. And Ariel and I had plans to go visit a friend down the shore on Saturday, but that will probably go off without a hitch. But one thing the weather won’t stop us from is our weekly weigh-ins tomorrow, and I’m feeling good that I might have dropped some more.

And click in below to see how the nutty newts did on their first official vote-off.

It’s just about 7:30 Friday morning. I’ve been awake since my usual time, 4:45 (I know…. don’t ask!) and finally crawled out of bed by 6. It’s snowing and blowing but it doesn’t look to be as catastrophic as the radio would otherwise have us believe.  I’d say, here on my lawn, there are approximately 4″ of snow, with some spots obviously looking higher with drifts (big deal…another 2″). But snow has been blown to my window sills and lower portion of my windows are aproned with snow. I think I saw two flakes that looked alike, but it was my reflection in the glass. Well, needless to say, Ariel will be home again today so there’s no need to dash out to clean the driveway. We can do that later.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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One Response to “Are We Snowed In?”

  1. Donna Says:

    The news I’m reading said 17″ in NYC and constant wind 20-30 miles an hour gusting up to 50 mph! From PA to ME sounds bad. I wondered if you’d have electricity as the news is saying lots of customers are without power. Well, stay safe and warm inside. Have a good weekend!

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