Lots Of Sugar

Okay, so we dug our way out of the cataclysmic snowfall from the end of last week. The best I can tell, from the most level area of snow, away from the drifts and from underneath the canopy of the giant evergreen, we had about seven inches of snow. But it was heavy because at times all during the storm it was mixed with rain. We got started cleaning just as it was beginning to get dark and during the second half of the driveway, the left hand side auger of the snowblower came detached from the axle. A few years ago I had to replace the broken shear pins with a certain size machine bolt and nut; I have packs of all different sizes and the one shopping bag we found was full of the wrong size…naturally. It took nearly a half hour to find the bag with the right size packs and we were off and running.

Saturday morning, of course was our weigh ins. Ariel dropped another pound, taking him to 201, a total of 12 pounds in 7 weeks. I dropped 5 and am down to 213. That’s a total of 17 pounds. That’s 3 and almost a half bags of sugar, if you want a comparison. How’d you like to carry around all that sugar all day long? It’s not easy, or fun. And I’m not done yet!

I heard this story over the weekend, that New Jersey’s pension system which covers benefits for approximately 700,000 current and retired state and local workers; firefighters, police, judges and teachers, is underfunded by nearly $46 billion dollars. They’re probably totally different entities, but the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey had just approved a new toll collection system–cashless tolling–(I blogged about that kind of recently, that cameras would photograph your license plate and your bill would arrive in the mail) that will cost $175 million dollars to complete. It might just be me, but maybe the money that’s being spent to constantly upgrade ways to make us spend money to get to work (some of whom might be able to benefit from the $46 billion dollar deficit) could actually go to benefit them. Like I said, the agencies probably have no bearing on each other except, probably, the taxpayer, who ultimately will end up covering the cost of both.

Yesterday was a right lazy day after a stay over down the shore. We went to catch up with a friend of ours who we’d hope to get together with during or whirlwind New Year’s celebration, but he was under the weather. So we made a trip down, met up with him after he was done with work, had a pizza sent to our room, drank a few beers and before we all fell asleep, he called it a night and left. 

   The view from our room at the Berkeley. Click it.

 Well, it’s McGinty Monday and JL makes a slight departure to keep you abreast of other goings on within the family.


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