That’s No Lie

Today is Tell A Lie Day. No, I’m lying. It’s not today. Tell A Lie Day is April 4, not March 4. Today is Holy Experiment Day, the only thing I don’t know for sure if it’s Holy Experiment Day as in Holy Experiment Day, Batman, or if it’s Holy Experiment Day in the sense of trying something religious. I’ll experiment with a couple of different things and see how it works out. I’m not lying, I swear!

I got a call from my “interim” doctor to let me know my blood work all came back normal. I had forgotten all about that I was going to hear from them about that and it was welcomed news. Now I just have to wait to see my regular doctor in May.

We got a new high speed modem hooked up last night and whenever I do anything on my computer, I always check to see if my work connection is still intact and while the guy from the cable company was talking us through the set up, my work connection was gone. But he calmed our concerns and promised that after another few seconds, my worries would be over and sure enough, there was my sign-in page. We got the new modem in anticipation of the arrival of my new computer that’s coming soon. My old one is just about on it’s last legs. I’ll still be using it, but only for work and the new one for everything else that I take care of; this blog, McGinty, emailing, etc.

And contractor Lou came by today to take a few measurements and to get some info so he can start applying for the necessary permits to start work on the new roof and the addition after that’s done. Brian, did you come into money or something? No, but, well, the roof is a necessity. It’s who knows how old and really should have been replaced when we bought the house and we’ve been here 11 years. That we don’t have major leaks all throughout the house is a wonder. The computer, again is a necessity. The addition is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time and if we don’t do it now, we’ll never do it.

On a final note, before I send you off to read about American Idol, here’s a fun video for you.




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