Nope, Wasn’t Me!

The newts pulled it out last night, both of them did very well predicting who was going home. And I also see they issued a challenge, a non American Idol related challenge, but you can get to it from the link button below.

In the meantime, I was gonna blog about one thing in particular. And then I was going to blog about another. But then something else came to mind and then I realized it was Multiple Personalities Day. But that could be me on any given day.

Actually, something I saw, that I thought was kind of silly caught my eye. The new “Yotel” that will be opening up on New York, on 42nd Street and 10th Avenue in 2011. It’s an American version of Britain’s “pods” and the rooms will be called “cabins”. These cabins are designed for a quick nap; in Britain they are rented out for 4-hour stays. Isn’t that more like a “no tell motel”? Or is that more or less hour by hour? I don’t know. But they’re perfect for certain people, say, travelers waiting for a flight, rather than getting a room for an entire night. That would be wasteful. The plan is to have the rooms flooded with relaxing purple mood lighting, and be equipt with monsoonal showers. That’s relaxing, being practically washed down the drain in the shower. Luxury bedding, Wi-Fi and flat screen televisions will round out the amenities. All this for a mere $200-$250 a stay. <gasp> I’d rather stay at the Hilton and at least have room service.

While we’re on the topic of traveling, New Jersey Transit is hiking its bus and train fares 30% as part of a plan to help bridge their budget deficit. Great, my train ride to Newark, where Ariel picks me up sometimes to go into the city, not counting my taxi ride or paying to park my own car, of course, will be almost $10. They’re also cutting 2% of their work force. That’s just great, the conductors that are on the train now can’t keep half the passengers in line as it is. And Gov. Chris Christie decided to withhold a $32 subsidy to NJ Transit.

And while we’re on the topic of politics…nah….yeah, alright…yesterday morning on the radio station we listen to for traffic in the morning (Route 80 and the staircase leading to the home office are bottlenecked this morning), NJ 101.5, was assuaging Gov. Christie’s silence on his plans on how he’s going to solve all of NJ’s financial problems. “He has every right to hold back until he’s ready to tell us” was more or less the import of what was said. But when Jon Corzine was keeping silent, he was “up to no good, he was a scoundrel, he was this, he was that” They are so sucking up to the new governor and I can’t wait until the one morning the tide turns and he does the one thing they don’t agree with. He’ll be the new scoundrel, the new this and that!

So, before I get too ranting for a Friday, let me say, it’s going to be a hectic weekend for me. Tonight we have plans to get together with a friend of ours. Saturday, besides it being our weigh ins, my new computer is scheduled to arrive and you know it’ll just beg to be set up. We also have quite a bit of straightening up to do around the house and we’re meeting with friends from work in the city for dinner and drinks. And Sunday, it’s my mother’s turn to be grilled for family history info because McGinty will soon be expanding his Chronicles.

So, I wish you all a great weekend. And beware of little voices telling your plane it’s clear for takeoff.

Up your butt with a coconut!


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