Dead Tired Monday

Dead tired this morning. We watched the Oscars last night and it didn’t end until after midnight. That show is always so much longer than it needs to be. There are just so many categories. I must have dozed off when they gave away the “Best Floor Sweeper” award. And darn it, I should have kept a tally of “amazings”. Everything was amazing. The best part of the night, though, for me, was the utterance of “…and the winner is” instead of the feeble, allegedly political correct “…and the award goes to….”. I was glad also that “Avatar’ didn’t win best Oscar, only because I’m not a fan of so much hype around anything.

The weekend got changed around a bit, but as is usually the case, it was for the better. Our original Friday night plans went south and as it turns out Friday night was better for our friends from work we were supposed to get together with on Saturday, so we went into the city Friday night and didn’t get home until after 4 in the morning. Saturday, of course was the delivery date for the new computer, which came and after a few hours of doing some other work around the house, we got down to installing the computer, which took us until nearly 9 or so. 

Saturday was our weigh ins. I put on two pounds, bringing me up to 215 and Ariel put on the one he took off last week so he’s back at 202. Oh, and I also finally got my toilet bowl to fill completely.  You know it’s been weeks since I replaced the innards and the bowl was filling about 1/4 the way. I installed the  replacement part they sent and now it’s working.

Yesterday my mother came over. As I said last week, I was going to be grilling her about her side of the family. Her arrival was perfect because I had just come in from finally having some time to tend to those broken branches that were either laying on the ground or still hanging precariously from the trees. Plus I cut down four other trees. Granted they were only about 4″ thick at the base, but I wanted them gone and since I was already a sweaty and apparently tick ridden mess (as I discovered later..alright, it was one tick, but one is all you really need…) I figured what the heck, how long could that take? Sue came over a little while later and we had dinner; stuffed shells with another batch of my sauce. I even made meatballs, which, as you know, I don’t like. I think meatballs are stupid. I ate one, but wasn’t impressed.


And today, McGinty forges on with another communication from New Jersey.


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