And It Continues…

Even as I am writing this, the workers, as promised last night by the contractor, have been here for about a half hour already to begin work on the roof. I can’t believe the racket; it’s a bit off putting but I’m sure they know what they’re doing. It’s not like mine is the first house they’ve ever worked on. I hope.

Last night, when the contractor was here, we also went over the floor plan for the addition. That’s going to be nice once it’s done. I can’t promise you I won’t be hyperventilating all during the process, though.

To add to the trauma, when he left last night, we needed to try something on the new computer. I can’t get The Radio Chick to play so Ariel thought perhaps it was one of those websites that needs to be “allowed”. So, after our meeting, we came into the office to see what we could do quickly, while our stomachs were rumbling from hunger and the new computer wouldn’t turn on. Long and short, after almost an hour on the phone with Dell, we got the situation solved (and so far this morning the machine turned on) but it was way after 9pm and we still hadn’t had dinner yet. Well, as a matter of fact, I heated up a plate of food for Ariel while he dealt with Dell (kind of like a rhyme). I hardly even had an appetite at that point.

And here I am, fresh from an abbreviated workout which I didn’t think I would be able to do because I woke up a knotted up mess and could barely get down the stairs to the kitchen. But, I need that adrenaline rush for today with the work going on and the work I have staring me in the face on the desk. And so, hi ho, hi ho… have a nice day!


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