Oh, The Dell With It

The workers should be here any minute now for day two of the roof project. Yesterday they stripped the entire old roof off, put down new tar paper, and got about 7/8 of the front of the house reshingled. Also, they cut out the dormer from the upstairs bathroom and gutted the room, except for the toilet and the tub, but that’s going. If you know anything about my upstairs bathroom, you know how the ceiling slants following the angle of the roof. Well, that slant is being bumped out and a new dormer built in its place and then a functioning shower will be installed so that one can stand erect while showering. Oh, yeah, well, there was never a shower there to begin with, just a tub that never got used. Today the dormer should be built so the rest of the roof can be shingled.

The fun continued at computer central last night. I don’t think I went into specifics about it yesterday, but Monday night, because I wasn’t able to connect to watch the Radio Chick on Shovio.co m, Ariel thought he could do something to make it work. But when he turned on the new computer–the brand new computer, the one that was delivered on Saturday–it would not start. It was a bit of a dance with a Dell representative, only because the first few suggestions weren’t working, but the guy talked Ariel through the situation and got the computer up and running.

While I was working yesterday, during all the chaos of home repair going on about me, I thought, let me watch a movie. But, neither of the two drives was working.

Oh, it was the greatest thing. The workers were here until dark and before Ariel got home, to tackle this new computer issue, I went to scour the driveway for nails. I began picking them up but one of the guys saw me and after I assured him I didn’t mind, he gave me this neat tool to use. It was like a super magnetic push broom on wheels. You just roll it over and it attracts all the nails on the ground.

So, Ariel got home and got on the phone with Dell, and how he didn’t end up having a coronary is beyond me. He went toe to toe with several different departments because their record keeping department has not yet updated the registration info yet and because of that, were unable to help him. We couldn’t run the supplied discs in either drive to reinstall the player and Dell (and I’m sure others as well) has a way to access your desktop so they can resolve such issues. But they couldn’t, or wouldn’t do it and Ariel was livid, yelling into the phone how “I’m a loyal customer, I own 4 dell computers, this one is brand new, I’ve had two issues with it already since Saturday, why should I be penalized because your record keeping department doesn’t do it’s job, get me a supervisor, I am NOT waiting another 24 hours for this to get resolved, I am staying on the phone, I need this resolved toNIGHT!” Rinse, repeat, over and over again.

Sometimes you learn from your mistakes and actually have to return to the scene of the crime. When he called Dell on Monday night, it happened to have been a wrong number, the number for Dell Canada, but they helped us. After over an hour of trying not to pop a blood vessel last night, Ariel got on the phone with Canada, explained the problem, and was talked through the registration process and the rep connected to the desk top and went to work to resolve our issue, all the while apologizing it was taking so long.

So, there you have it, Dell customer service stinks. You need help, go to Canada.

And let’s see what the newts thought of last night’s American Idol.


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