What’s In A Name?

Perhaps a whole lot of money, if you play your cards right. Get this, some one said my name the other day, Brian, that’s it, just Brian. I was so mad! The same thing happened to Lindsay Lohan, sort of,  and it made her mad, mad to the point of waging a hundred million dollar lawsuit against E*Trade. In that talking baby commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, when one of the babies was referred to as Lindsay the “milkaholic”, it put her back right up because not only was the baby’s name Lindsay, but that snide milkaholic comment was obviously directed at Miss Lohan’s recent personal battles. Her lawyer agrees that it was clearly meant to refer to his client. And because she regards herself in the same league of recognizable and important one name celebrities like Madonna, Cher, Oprah, etc, it’s a clear cut case. To that I say, Lindsay, Lindsay bo Bindsay, Bonana fanna fo Findsay…. And if she does pursue the case, to support the “milkaholic” claim, she’ll have to disclose things she might otherwise prefer to keep hidden.

Meanwhile, the roof is done, as far as the shingling goes, but the other part of the roof project, the new bathroom dormer has to be completed. That room is actually going to be square and 9 x 8 rather than a 9 x (about) 4 of actual head clearance. A new sink, a new shower, a new toilet and tiling all around. We have to go out and find those things real quick so they can get started on that, hopefully next week after the dormer is roofed and sided.

Part 3 of the computer folly was last night. Yet another pre-installed program is not working and once again, Ariel was on the phone with someone for about two hours, but he really tried all he could to get it functioning. He’s sending a disc to reinstall it, and if that doesn’t work, it’s getting packed up and shipped back. So, the saga, like everything else we get involved with, continues.

And with that, let’s check in and see what the silly salamanders thought of last night’s American Idol.



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