No More Room In The Handbasket

In just a few short hours, the weekend will be upon me, thanks to longer than usual days this week while the contractor and his crew were busy with the house. The roof is done, the new dormer is almost complete; it’s all framed up and boarded up and ready for a window and siding. Tonight, we’ll be shopping for tile and fixtures so hopefully at some point next week that work can get started. It all happened so fast and I just wish I had realized it to have before and after pictures to show when it’s done.  Curiously, we had good weather all week, something that’s usually unheard of when it comes to something we got going on and the work was able to progress like it did. Maybe the powers that be won’t see this and I can say maybe the spell is broken. Or maybe now I just ruined it.

I’m not sure where it will stop, or even sure that at this point it can even stop but it looks we’re securely situated in that handbasket to hell. It started with the smoking ban. Even as a non-smoker, I was dead set against it. I felt it was just the beginning of the government chipping away at our rights. Hey, tobacco isn’t illegal, and I’m not talking about the issue of tobacco being a potential killer. I’m talking about how people pay a king’s ransom to partake and for the most part, can’t. First you couldn’t smoke in a restaurant or bar. Then you can’t smoke in the entranceway to some buildings. Then you had to stand on the other side of town. You can’t smoke in parks or beaches. About the only place left where you can smoke is in your own home or your car, but even that’s on the chopping block especially if you’re carting kids around. I became very vocal about it that my smoker friends should stand up for themselves, but they only saw it as a good thing that they wouldn’t smell of cigarette smoke after a night out partying.

Now, a New York assemblyman has proposed a bill that would ban chefs in the city’s restaurants from cooking with salt or face a $1,000 each time they were caught doing so. The bill would leave the decision up to each individual customer to salt his or her food as desired. You know what? I have high blood pressure and I watch my salt, I don’t cook with it and I don’t add it at the table. Going out to eat is a treat for me and I know that some restaurants use more salt than others, but it’s the choice I make to go there. I know that crock of french onion soup is sometimes nothing but salt, but I eat it anyway because I like it. I don’t have it all the time and I want to enjoy it when I do. I don’t want to go out and pay good money for food I cook at home.

I just wonder when the air we breathe will become regulated. People have to be able to think for themselves and not have the government tell us what to think. People sometimes make bad choices. There will always be bad choices no matter how intensely attempts are made at eradicating bad situations.

You know no week would be complete without one last rant and that was it. I have a great weekend coming up. Of course tomorrow we have our weigh ins. Sunday is my mother’s birthday. On Saturday, we’re taking her to The Sands in PA and guess what, the aforementioned spell is back intact; we’re under a flood watch for the entire weekend. And then on Sunday we’re having our annual St Patty’s Day dinner, corned beef and cabbage for her birthday.

Uh, oh, it looks like Herbert and The New Shazzam ended off on an angry note last night.

Have a great salt-free weekend. And don’t breathe, just in case someone’s watching.

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